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The Art of Goldfish
B. G. Rand

8"x 10" Book $29.95
E-Book $20.00



10 Steps to
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



Diagnose & Rescue Procedures 10 Steps
 Treatments & Tonics
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



10 Steps to Easy
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $15.00
E-Book $10.00



Golden Goldfish Rules
Coloring Book
B. G. Rand

Book N/A
E-Book $10.00


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Goldfish is bloated

 Goldfish is bloated

In most cases, bloating is a sign of organ failure; the liver or the kidneys. An older fish may be more susceptible to organ failure, it's body slowly winding down with age. A young fish however, should have strong healthy organs. It's unfortunate, but the industry pushes salts, medications and chemicals on us like it was a way of life, and for goldfish keepers it is. The breeders rely on salt and medications to control disease and infection. This is the first insult to the fish. Many so called experts recommend the use of salts to prevent infection, but bad bacteria and parasites both quickly build a resistance to the saline. Because the industry doesn't teach about the cycle or doesn't offer information on creating a healthy environment, the health of water depends on medication instead of Mother Nature

Goldfish is swollen

Being freshwater fish, their organs cannot tolerate constant saline solutions, and the medications used to destroy bad bacteria are stressful as well. Even the commercial water treatments we use are made of chemicals that can injure our fish Learn how to treat organ failure

Goldfish is swelling up

The best medicine for fish with organ failure is healthy water free of chemical and salt. Mother nature will do the rest. Learn how to create a healthy ecosystem by following the 10 steps to goldfish keeping

Author: Brenda Rand

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