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The Art of Goldfish
B. G. Rand

8"x 10" Book $29.95
E-Book $20.00



10 Steps to
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



Diagnose & Rescue Procedures 10 Steps
 Treatments & Tonics
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



10 Steps to Easy
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $15.00
E-Book $10.00



Golden Goldfish Rules
Coloring Book
B. G. Rand

Book N/A
E-Book $10.00


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12-09-2014 10:32
He's gotta go, and soon.

12-09-2014 10:31
Just because a cat is feral doesn't make them vicious, but some are. I'm dealing with one right now. It's come after me 3 times, and is always after the other cats that come up. Angry

12-09-2014 10:30
Wowza; 100 k? That makes it pretty hard for most people. I guess people drop their parents off and then disappear. lol Too bad about the wild cat, but I understand.

12-09-2014 08:30
hard part was bringing my cat with me. She got beaten up by a feral, twice $1200 in vet bills. Trapped the lil sucker and took him to the pound. He was the neighbors cat but they had let him go feral,

12-09-2014 08:26
that would mean selling the house to get into care scenario. I only wrk 3 days a week so I can be around the house.

12-09-2014 08:25
shes still pretty good at getting around and eating. Would only look at a home if she becomes vilolent. We have to have huge security bonds to pay nursing homes here $100 k

12-09-2014 08:23
Sad Sorry to that Kat. That's tough, but doesn't that make you an even better daughter? Most would be calling the old folks home for a reservation. You're a peach. Hang in there.

12-09-2014 08:22
Job is answering phones so time flies but its a bit of a drain on my energy. Funny I give them as much garlic as I can in meals and on sandwiches coz we all know its good for yah Smile Grin

12-09-2014 08:21
ahhh shucks. Mom doesnt know who I am and dad is rattled that he has accountability umm not always glad I'm here.

12-09-2014 07:41
Wonderful. I hope you like your job; so important, and I'm delighted to hear your parents are eating better. They must be happy to have you right there. You're a good daughter. Grin

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Humane Disposal of Goldfish

Humane Disposal of Goldfish

Most goldfish get sick at one time or another. One may have a floating issue caused by constipation, and another may be sensitive to nitrates; bottom sitting. If your fish has been kept improperly, it could be suffering from oxygen deprivation or it could have a bacteria infection. Whatever ails your fish, it's difficult to know if the fish is going to improve with the proper care and time, or if it's just going to decline; getting worse with each passing day. It's very difficult to know when and if it's the right time to euthanize a sick fish.

You may hear someone say, just let nature take its course, but in the wild, a sick fish will quickly fall prey to a large and healthy one; it won't suffer for long. In captivity, our fish can linger for weeks, even months before passing. We all have to use our own good judgment here; trust our instincts.

Euthanizing a goldfish can be relatively easy and painless; for the fish that is. Goldfish become dormant in colder temperatures; being a cold water fish it has no core body temperature. Fantail goldfishIts temperature is always the same as its environment. This can be a distinct advantage for the goldfish keeper. In a natural environment, goldfish live in outdoor ponds. In winter, the water temperatures may fall below freezing temperatures. Although they cannot survive being frozen solid for long periods of time, they can survive close to freezing temperatures for an unlimited time. Reason being, their organs shut down and they no longer require food or oxygen; much like a bear in hibernation. You may think this would be painful for the goldfish, but keep in mind, only warm blooded creatures, such as dogs, cats, and humans alike find cold temperatures painful.

Death of a Goldfish

Euthanizing goldfish

The Big Chill method

1. Place the fish in a large freezer bag filled with its tank water and seal:
Bag should be proportionately sized so that the fish can swim around a bit

2. Place the plastic bag inside of a brown paper sack or cardboard box:
Sack or box is for discretion

3. Place the sack or box in the refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours, so that the fish will become completely dormant.

4. Place the sack or box in the freezer for a minimum 36 hours.

5. Dispose of sack or box at your discretion

Clove oil

Another method is using clove oil; which unlike the big chill, may cause a certain level of discomfort for fish.
1. Prepare bath using 5 to 10 drops of clove oil per one gallon of tank water; mix well before placing fish in water; allow fish to remain in bath for 5 minutes; then add 20 drops of clove oil per one gallon of tank water; mix well before pouring into fish's container. Allow fish to remain in bath for 20 minutes before disposing.

On rare occasions, goldfish have been known to come back from the dead. Read the story of how one goldfish leaped from its tank and was found dried out; rock hard hours later, only to come back to life when returned to its tank. Fish Out of Water  There are many such goldfish stories. Every creature big or small has a very strong survival instinct. Euthanizing is often a very tough decision to make. Consider this option only when there's no chance for life, and their suffering is too much for the both of you.


Anesthetizing Goldfish

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