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The Art of Goldfish
B. G. Rand

8"x 10" Book $29.95
E-Book $20.00



10 Steps to
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



Diagnose & Rescue Procedures 10 Steps
 Treatments & Tonics
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $19.95
E-Book $10.00



10 Steps to Easy
Goldfish Keeping
B. G. Rand

5"x 8" Book $15.00
E-Book $10.00



Golden Goldfish Rules
Coloring Book
B. G. Rand

Book N/A
E-Book $10.00


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17-04-2015 19:51
oh no....lol Frown

17-04-2015 14:08
Watch out what you ask for Kat, you just might get it. lol

17-04-2015 08:50
anything new for the facebook page beside that poor constipated goldie ?

16-04-2015 16:56
We're not that picky, but the 10 steps section would be fine.

16-04-2015 15:38
Where would I post my general questions, of which there will no doubt be many, about my tanks? I dont want to hijack the wrong forum Grin

16-04-2015 06:33
Naaaw I got it from the internet and worked it for loss of a fish or pet etc. Can't take all the credit Grin

16-04-2015 00:48
Kat, your article on grief is awesome and you're writing style nothing short of lovely. Smile

15-04-2015 23:18
Welcome, Tinqer Smile

15-04-2015 06:34
I found it when I was in a blind panic with a sick fish so I just focused on symptoms. It's great to have the opportunity to tweek a tank from the beginning Smile

15-04-2015 04:33
=-) Hi and thanks! Am busy reading reading reading reading....head is swimming, so much information to take in. What a fantastic place this is Grin

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Goldfish is flashing

Goldfish is flashing

If your Goldfish is flashing; click on Class C Symptoms for procedure

Class C Symptoms:
Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish has visual sores; Goldfish has clamped fins; Goldfish has folded or closed fins; Goldfish is bottom sitting & listless; Goldfish has red streaks in tail; Goldfish has black patches; Goldfish has frayed or torn fins; Goldfish has hole in head or ulcers; Goldfish has fungus present on mouth or body; Goldfish has 'cotton like fungus; Goldfish pooh is very light or very dark in color, and stringy. Goldfish is flashing; Goldfish is rubbing; Goldfish exhibits sporadical swimming; Goldfish has visual parasites; Goldfish has visual worms

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