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Goldfish Koi Distress

Goldfish Koi distress may be caused by a variety of reasons. The water quality may be poor; low in oxygen and or mineral value. Water low in value invites bad bacteria and fungus. Bad bugs prefer warm, slow moving water, however goldfish and friendly bugs prefer the opposite

The set up could wrong for goldfish. Most aquarium set ups being sold at the pet shops are for tropical fish. Most come with a hood and light fixture, however, in order to be oxygenated, the surface must be exposed to fresh air. Substrate should be included in a set up, but all too often the wrong kind is present or the substrate too deep

Most new goldfish keepers feed once or twice a day, sprinkling flakes on the surface. Improper feeding methods caused digestive issues. Goldfish need a variety of food, and they should be fed less more often. Goldfish don’t have stomachs

Improper maintenance is another common issue with goldfish keepers. How or when to use a gravel vacuum; how or how much water to exchange

Do you know your water parameters? Few goldfish keepers test their fish house or tap water. The life of your fish depends on you knowing and understanding the value of your freshwater source

The nitrogen cycle is a mystery to most goldfish keepers. Fish are at risk of being poisoned if you don’t understand it

Create a post listing symptoms; answer questions below

  1. What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates
  2. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)
  3. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?
  4. Is your fish house enclosed?
  5. What and how often do you feed?
  6. Describe maintenance routine
  7. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?

Gfe administrators and our members will offer their valued opinions and advise accordingly

2 Koi Ponds. High Nitrates


I visited my dad's friend's 2 outdoor ponds today and here are the parameters:2700gallon pond, 5.2ft33 large koi, pond 2 years old:KH 65GH 20 - 40Ammonia  0.1Nitrite 0.1 - 0.3Nitrate 50+ (under 100)One fish in the large pond has bulging red eyes, another has a big bulge on the side of its body.  770gallon pond, 3.5ft20 large koi, pond 6 years old:KH 30GH 20-40Ammonia 0.1Nitrite 0.1-0.3Nitrate 50  He appears to have a problem with high nitrates and low KH and low GH. He had to keep doing water changes to keep nitrates low or they can exceed 100ppm. The ponds are quite full with koi and they swim slowly.Each pond has a small waterfall that brings water down from above and a filtration fixture at the bottom on the pond that sucks debris out to an external canister. The larger pond has a fixture at the bottom of the deep end that can push water upwards with surface action like a pond pump.There are constant low levels of salt (0.12) in the ponds to prevent infection.  I've forwarded this site to Dad's friend and linked this blog post to him. Hoping he can followup with you here on how to treat. 

2 Koi Ponds. High Nitrates 2017-09-05T10:47:40+00:00

Continuing treatment of Fortune


Hi, We have been treating Fortune since April 13, 2017, when the fish was being sucked on by a Pleco that has since been rehomed. We have changed all things in the tank to optimal set-up, we have changed our water changing schedule and methods, we have done every possible treatment including two weeks in a Nitrate Chamber. The fish would alternate swimming and laying on its side before our move 6/30/2017. I think our move to a new house further injured it because now it spends all it's time laying on its side. It eats, the water parameters are healthy. I think this is a physical injury we are dealing with. I have tried attaching a photo of beginning treatment as well as one taken today, 8/9/17 The water is yellow because we are in the middle of a garlic treatment. However, the pictures are too big and I don't have time to resize them, my baby is awake. I will email you.   Any suggestions?

Continuing treatment of Fortune 2017-08-09T13:29:18+00:00

Sick Koi


Sick Koi but good water parameters in outdoor Koi Pond?? Hello, I'm currently babysitting my parents' outdoor koi pond and will be doing so for about 2 weeks. It's quite a large pond (10,000 gallons and spans half of our backyard). We have several large koi (length of adult forearm) and several smaller goldfish (length of adult palm) and based on the number of fish, the pond may be overstocked. The outdoor temperature in Vancouver has been quite variable this summer (16 - 32 degrees Celcius. Low-mid 20's this week but the temperature was up to 30 degrees over the last 2 weeks). For some reason the pond is losing about 4 inches of water each day so we refill the pond with a bit of fresh water each day (like a 5% daily partial water change!). My parents have had this pond for about 5 years. At first glace, the fish look relatively healthy (full scales/fins) but there are always a few fish in the pond that have finrot, sores on the body or strange growths. Some fish have had raised scales, pineconing and died not having released their eggs. The fish have been exposed to salt and antibiotics many times. Sometimes the treatment works, but on average about 1 fish dies each month and my parents replace them. At the moment, one very large fish currently has sores on one side, some raised scales and prefers to swim at the bottom of the pond and doesn't seem interested in food. Another strange observation: when I fed the fish this morning, I noticed that 3 smaller fish appeared to be chewing/biting another small fish of similar size in a corner of the pond. When I threw food at them, all of them swam away. What does this mean?? Seeing that there are always ill fish, I assumed that there must be problems with the water quality. However, when I tested the water parameters of a sample of pond water today, they seemed ok: Ammonia: 0-0.1 Nitrite: 0-0.1 Nitrate: 5-10 pH: 7.2-7.4 KH: 10 GH: 20 Phosphate: 1 I came across your site and thought that the garlic may help. My parents usually feed Hikari pellets twice a day, so over the last 2 days I have been feeding a mix of presoaked pellets and cooked peas but I think only the smaller fish were able to see the crumbled peas because the large koi swam right through the small bits. I have attached some images of the pond. Please let me know if you have any ideas Thanks!! -M

Sick Koi 2018-04-09T07:55:17+00:00

Goldfish tumor?


This comet developed a tumor on its side over the winter. Any idea what it is? Acting normal and frisky.  

Goldfish tumor? 2017-06-22T13:11:23+00:00

Goldfish sucked on by Pleco


Goldfish sucked on by Pleco. Please help her recover!! I know, I know it was a horrible idea to have a Pleco and a Goldfish together. After listening to a Pet store clerk 2 years ago we brought 'Zucchini' home and tried to make it work when we realized the mistake, since we only had time for 1 tank. 6 months ago our male Goldfish got sick. 'Zucchini' sucked on our now deceased male goldfish and got a taste for goldfish slime coat, I guess. We thought if we fed him well he would leave the healthy female alone, they had been living peacefully for 2 years together. But 'Fortune' our female Goldfish was aggressively attacked one day when I forgot to put some vegetables on the veggie clip. We managed to rehome Zucchini, which was a sad goodbye. Leaving us caring for the injured Fortune. She is the only inhabitant now to a 50 gallon tank. It has a 40-70 gallon Aqua Clear filter, Aquatic sand, a bubble wand and silk plants. I haven't checked water parameters because I'm dealing with an injury and it's hard for me to use the Master kit. Day 1- I have been feeding her only sinking pellets and peas because she can't swim to the top of the tank. I've been giving her Vitachem vitamins long term and I've been using Kordon Fish Protector with Vitamin B12 and Echinacea since injury as well adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank 5Tbs. Day 2- I turned off the bubble wand because Fortune is having a really hard time swimming. I continued the Fish Protection and Vitamins according to instructions. Added a dose of Melafix. By night Fortune can't eat peas, can't swim. Is laying st the bottom of the tank or occasionally righting herself and floating/struggling. What can I do? I'm afraid to do a water change in case the Prime water conditioner hurts her fragile tail. I'm afraid to do a salt bath because she is on medication. Not sure how much longer she can stay at the bottom or go without eating! Photo below show fish with red veining in tail fin caused by nitrite poisoning Goldfish sucked on by Pleco                     by Venus: Nitrate levels were dangerously high. A large water change was performed after the owner noticed the fish wasn't quite right. Fish is starting to curl due to nitrate shock After a few days of deep and heavily oxygenated water, fish is recovering Fish swimming normally. Although some damage may have occurred from Pleco sucking on fish, nothing too serious  

Goldfish sucked on by Pleco 2018-06-03T17:51:33+00:00
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