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Goldfish Koi health issues

Goldfish Koi distress or poor health may be caused by a variety of reasons. The water quality may be poor; low in oxygen and or mineral value. Issues may be related to toxins produced in the nitrogen cycle, or improper feeding habitsWhatever your fish’s issues, copy and past the questions below into your post, and answer each one if possible, and we’ll advise accordingly. Create a post listing symptoms; answer questions below1. What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates2. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)3. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?4. Is your fish house enclosed?5. What and how often do you feed?6. Describe maintenance routine7. Have you used medications or salt recently?8. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?9. Describe behavior and or symptoms10. How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?

Goldfish Antibiotics

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Goldfish Antibiotics compromise the immune system Buy the book Goldfish antibiotics sold at pet shops can and will kill your fish. Destroying everything in its path, good and bad bugs alike, antibiotics work by poisoning the environment. In the process, organs are compromised. Antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian are more powerful, and may work faster, but they too are lethal, and here's why........ Bad bacteria are everywhere; in our fish's water and in their bodies, waiting patiently for a chance to thrive. When we refer to infection, we mean bad bacteria have become invasive. For example, a slow moving tract is an open invitation for bad bugs. Food is utilized gradually as it travels through the intestines turning to waste. Creating the perfect home for unhealthy bacteria, waste that has spent too much time in the tract decays. Be it waste, water or tissue, bad bugs thrive in poor conditions. Rotting food or tissue is their food source Good bacteria thrive in the opposite conditions. Toxins created by the waste your fish produce are their food source. Their presence helps to create a safe environment in or out of body. Another notable difference, bad bugs are capable of building immunity to intolerable substances, and at the top of the list is medicinal antibiotics, however, good bugs, fragile as they are, cannot build resistance. The only thing these bugs have in common; they are both microscopic organisms Healthy bacteria thrive in healthy environments What causes infection? Goldfish living in water poor in quality are at high risk of infection. If the water is infected, so are the fish Goldfish antibiotics Maintaining excellent water quality doesn't mean your fish will never become infected with bad bacteria. Some things are out of our control. Internal body parts are at high risk of infection if they slow or cease to function. Like the water our fish live in, as the action slows, the risk of infection increase Body parts deteriorate as they slow in function. A failing heart, kidneys or liver are all prone to infection. The swim bladder organ that has collapsed or ruptured will fall prey. Older females are at high risk due to lower hormone production. Fewer males chase during the spawning event. Her eggs become impacted, and then decay inside of her body, inviting infection We live in an instant society. We want it, and we want it now Goldfish medication Infection is often widely spread by the time we notice symptoms. Medicinal antibiotics work quickly, giving us gratification. This is just one reason we're drawn to them. Within a few short days symptoms disappear, however, looks are deceiving Known or unknown, the source of infection in its weakened state is first attacked by bad bacteria weakening it further. Adding insult to injury, the organ is then subjected to the poisonous properties of antibiotics Beneficial bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 hours, whereas bad bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 minutes. After using medicinal antibiotics, it will take a few months for friendly bugs to rebuild their colonies. During this time, the fish are vulnerable. Within a few days the enemy will be at full force Medicinal antibiotics [...]

Please Help!

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Please help my fish Please help. I'm fairly new to this hobby, however having learned the hard way, and losing many common/comet goldfish along the way...... I am still confused as to why my goldfish can be happy one day and listless the next day.  We've had our 3 goldfish for over 2 years living in a 5.6g tank, 1 died recently last month so I rehomed the surviving 2 goldfish into our 10g sump. Admittedly I panic and try to administer either Api General Cure or Hikari Prazi-Pro because in the past I've watched each of our goldfish start out with sunken bellies then eventually die. After going to many pet stores and reading almost every forum I can only assume its wasting disease and have been told these fish are "usually" feeders preferably not kept as pets. But after 2 years of hopefully "healthy" living I assumed our comets would be long term pets..... till last month our white and red goldfish became sick and died.  And now that the 2 orange survivors have been living in a 10 g sump, one started exhibiting the same listless behavior.  Fins still up he just seemed not interested and no stringy poop but could see what I assume was the start of a sunken belly. Fish need help Quickly took him out in fear of disease spreading and put him into a 1 gallon tupperware with an air stone and 1 bag of old filter media.  To my amazement he perked right back up and started swimming and eating. I got excited and went out bought a 15g tupperware, same air stone and 1 filter sock from the sump.  By that night he was back on the bottom sitting lifeless. Please help Now that I've read your forum I see maybe its been my mistake by transferring the fish from home to hospital and only thinking "zeroes" are good for all water parameters actually may have stressed him out more.  He was listless then became folded and when he tried he could only swim in spirals? Two days later he has passed..... nitrates poisoning or levels too low? Sorry for such a lengthy post but I'm still confused as to why a healthy goldfish can turn sick so fast, the other habitats in the tank are all still healthy I HOPE!! No new fish introduced. Water parameters are 0 Amm, 0Nit, and 20 Nitrates. Ph 7-8 range.  Try to do weekly tank cleanings but usually becomes every 10 days. Hoping for some insight as to why my goldfish always seem to develop some sort of parasitic disease? Even after 2 years without problems?  Ultimately i want to know if I'm doing something wrong and how I can make our last goldfish live for years to come....  :good: Thanks in advance, Harry

Big lump goldfish

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Big lump goldfish opposite side Big lump goldfish on the opposite side now and it's large. Over the last 2 weeks I have done: Back to back garlic in the tank Mint in the tank Baths: 2 weeks ago: garlic and salt (2), mint and h2o2, h2o2 and 1 tsp salt, just h2o2 last night, with massages to the lump. Lump is soft, but has no head. It's all under the scales. No sign of pine-cone effect. Started green garlic juice orally last night and she looked much perkier this a.m. Lump has stopped growing. tumors on goldfish Goldfish lumps

Goldfish Tumors

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Goldfish tumors on body Buy the book Goldfish tumors on body may be a simple issue. You may not know it, but your tap water is filled with supersaturated gases produced by pressure in the lines. This pressure helps water travel the distance from the reservoir to our homes. These concentrated amounts of oxygen can fill a body of water suffocating fish. They are easily absorbed into the blood stream where they cluster beneath the skin, looking much like tumors. The eyes and upper side of the body is where you'll find them Goldfish large lump Supersaturated gases are often a problem when large water changes are a being performed. The tiny bubbles may not be noticeable as they move about freely in the water, but they make their presence known by clinging to the fish, the walls of the aquarium, plants and decorations Goldfish covered growths These gases are easy to eliminate by breaking up these tiny bubbles. Work your freshwater over by pouring it. Let it hit the freshwater bucket hard. It will take more than a few pours to remove the gases. Add a pond pump to your freshwater bucket to disperse these gases. Let it run for a few days before using Goldfish and Koi affected by SSG exhibit similar symptoms as nitrate poisoning. You may see them sitting pressed to the bottom of the aquarium. You may even see them curl due to the pressure the air caused by the gases. These gases often accumulate in the eye socket, causing the eye to bulge. Although SSG isn't the only cause of bulging eye, it's the most common Most goldfish keepers are unaware of SSG Lumps goldfish body Test freshwater for SSG by scooping water up in a clear glass. Let it sit for one hour. Do you see tiny bubbles forming on the glass? If so, keep pouring The fish in the photo below has a lump on its dorsal fin caused by SSG goldfish tumors The fish in the photo below has warts Goldfish has lump or tumor In most cases the fish makes a full recovery just by eliminating the supersaturated gases from the water If the lumps on your fish are firm to the touch, and have a rough texture, your fish has warts. Warts are very common with goldfish and Koi, however, they're easy to eliminate by using Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy Other types of lumps that may be actual masses, cancerous or noncancerous have been treated successfully using Garlic Remedy and Aloe Remedy combined Refer to: Bubble Disease Supersaturated Gases Back to Diagnose symptoms and treat All rights Author: Brenda Rand

Goldfish Distress

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Goldfish distress please help Goldfish distress need help. We inherited a goldfish from a friend who was moving out of state. The fish lived in a bowl which I immediately upgraded, however, the kids wanted to add two very small tropical fish (I think red fin?).  Goldfish was very happy in 10 gallon tank and doing well for about 10 months, however, it was time to upgrade to a 55 gallon (still be very much a novice with aquariums) Please help goldfish distress Goldfish distress He was doing well for the first month or two in his new home, and we added a few more small tropical's for the kids.  One day a neon tetra went missing.  Not sure what happened to his body. I believe earlier the same day we had added 2 algae eaters and one immediately died in the tank, which I recovered. One night my wife said goldfish wasn't eating, and he was usually the pig in the tank!  (He was stretching his mouth out a lot).   The next day or two he appeared very scared of his surroundings and occasionally was darting around.  We kept an eye on things.   Very soon, it looked like his eyes were beginning to get Popeye.  We got him out of the tank with a net (probably bad idea looking back) and put him in a hospital tank. Tried these medicines in this order. API Salt Melafix Maracyn Maracyn 2 Metronidazole He seemed to be doing better then got white spots on his back fin.  I tried the 84F/salt for two week program.  About 11-12 days into this program, I noticed he was getting pop eye again.  I started with the Macacyn 2 but wasn’t seem to be helping.  I was doing 25-50 water changes daily. Goldfish pouting A few days passed and he was getting a black/ash like color on his top/back fin.  Then it progress to no swimming laying on bottom, then falling on side and staying there for days breathy heavy and not eating. Still doing water changes, no salt now, as I read this type of salt could be bad for him.  And just focusing on Metronidazole.   He still is in bad shape and not upright on bottom often.  He’s gill bone and face area seem really puffy, as well as his tummy (could be a female too, don’t know). Hopefully I will be able to attached a few pictures to this scenario.

Easy Goldfish Cure

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Looking for an easy goldfish cure for your sick fish? I'm sorry to tell you there's no such thing. A lot of people come to our site asking for an easy goldfish cure. When we tell them that the water needs to be tested, buffered and exchanged, they go elsewhere for help. They want a magic potion to pour in the water, making everything right. The magic potion is in the elbow Healthy fish live in healthy water, and healthy water doesn't come easy in an aquarium or small pond. What goldfish and Koi need is water that is rich in minerals, cold and heavily oxygenated. Goldfish the Real Story easy goldfish cure You may see products at the pet shop that promise to keep your water clear; products that promise to destroy bad bacteria and parasites. You will also see products that promise to raise pH; products that create an instant cycle. Some of these products work, but only temporarily, and most of these products cause more problems in the long run Help cure goldfish The very products that destroy bad bugs also destroy friendly bugs; the bugs that are responsible for creating the nitrogen cycle. After use, the bad bugs are gone, but so are the good. When this happens, ammonia forms, poisoning the fish. Now you might be thinking, but there are products that eliminate ammonia, and it's true, but these products cannot safely convert ammonia levels that continue to rise as the cycle completes Products that raise pH also raise KH. Even though carbonate hardness is a part of pH, so is oxygen. In most cases where pH levels are low, oxygen levels are low, not KH. Too high of carbonate levels can burn your fish There are products that eliminate nitrates, the end result of the nitrogen cycle, but these products can only convert low levels, and if you've been testing nitrates, you know these levels have the potential to climb to high numbers. Nitrates should be removed by exchanging old tank water for fresh Easy goldfish care There are also products that eliminate algae, but most goldfish keepers do not understand that algae is a plant life that feeds on nitrates, keeping levels at bay. Algae is also a nutritional food source for goldfish, rich in nutrients and roughage. Being omnivorous, goldfish need both meat and plants for good health Excellent goldfish health starts with excellent water quality. The tonic below is as close to an easy goldfish cure as it gets, but even so, you can't depend on for long. Health tonic is a quick fix until you get the things you need and do the things you need to do to create a healthy ecosystem for your fish easy goldfish cure Learn everything you can about your goldfish by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping. It's no easy task keeping your goldfish water healthy, but a little hard work never killed anyone, and lack of it, can kill your goldfish There's no easy goldfish cure, [...]

Goldfish Bottom aquarium floor

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Goldfish on bottom of aquarium floor The past few weeks I have been having problems with my goldfish on bottom of aquarium. I have maintained my water parameters (kh=137, gh=322, ph=8.15, nitrates=5ish; no nitrate, chlorine, or ammonia) the water is Crystal clear and temp is about 71-72. There is no sign of fun damage and the gills are normal. He sits on the bottom and kind of hops around. He swims to the top and grabs an air bubble then swims back down and holds it for a while then blows it out and does it again Goldfish bottom sitting He has done this before but recovered within a week or so. This time he is staying like this. It has been almost a month and I am truly at a loss as to what I can do. I have dosed with chlorophyll, aloe, melafix, pimafix, I have tried different water change intervals. I have given him a salt bath. Goldfish on bottom Nothing seems to help him. I have tried only feeding breakfast, (only a few peas). I don't know what else to try. Any suggestions? I'm worried about my little guy!  :unsure: Goldfish on bottom

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