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If your fish is showing signs of illness use this symptoms list to find recommended treatment for symptoms. No matter your level of expertise, novice or expert, at one time or another you will have to deal with a sick fish. Don’t be tempted to run to the pet shop for over the counter medications. These products are actually harsh chemicals that are capable of killing the friendly bacteria in your aquarium or pond. These products can also kill your fish

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In most cases unhealthy fish are suffering from unhealthy water. Improve the health of the water, and the health of the fish will improve also. Read all about caring for your fish, no matter the type. Goldfish, Koi and all freshwater fish need water that is rich in minerals and saturated with oxygen

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In some cases the cause is improper feeding. Fish are constant grazers, and have evolved without stomachs, yet we feed them once or twice a day. Learn how to feed, what and when to feed by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping

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Please Help!


Please help my fish Please help. I'm fairly new to this hobby, however having learned the hard way, and losing many common/comet goldfish along the way...... I am still confused as to why my goldfish can be happy one day and listless the next day.  We've had our 3 goldfish for over 2 years living in a 5.6g tank, 1 died recently last month so I rehomed the surviving 2 goldfish into our 10g sump. Admittedly I panic and try to administer either Api General Cure or Hikari Prazi-Pro because in the past I've watched each of our goldfish start out with sunken bellies then eventually die. After going to many pet stores and reading almost every forum I can only assume its wasting disease and have been told these fish are "usually" feeders preferably not kept as pets. But after 2 years of hopefully "healthy" living I assumed our comets would be long term pets..... till last month our white and red goldfish became sick and died.  And now that the 2 orange survivors have been living in a 10 g sump, one started exhibiting the same listless behavior.  Fins still up he just seemed not interested and no stringy poop but could see what I assume was the start of a sunken belly. Fish need help Quickly took him out in fear of disease spreading and put him into a 1 gallon tupperware with an air stone and 1 bag of old filter media.  To my amazement he perked right back up and started swimming and eating. I got excited and went out bought a 15g tupperware, same air stone and 1 filter sock from the sump.  By that night he was back on the bottom sitting lifeless. Please help Now that I've read your forum I see maybe its been my mistake by transferring the fish from home to hospital and only thinking "zeroes" are good for all water parameters actually may have stressed him out more.  He was listless then became folded and when he tried he could only swim in spirals? Two days later he has passed..... nitrates poisoning or levels too low? Sorry for such a lengthy post but I'm still confused as to why a healthy goldfish can turn sick so fast, the other habitats in the tank are all still healthy I HOPE!! No new fish introduced. Water parameters are 0 Amm, 0Nit, and 20 Nitrates. Ph 7-8 range.  Try to do weekly tank cleanings but usually becomes every 10 days. Hoping for some insight as to why my goldfish always seem to develop some sort of parasitic disease? Even after 2 years without problems?  Ultimately i want to know if I'm doing something wrong and how I can make our last goldfish live for years to come....  :good: Thanks in advance,   Harry  

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Goldfish Floating 45 degree angle


Buy the Books Goldfish floating 45 degree angle nose down Goldfish floating 45 degree angle indicates a female impacted eggs. Females develop eggs with or without the presence of males, however, they often have trouble releasing the eggs on their own. Males play a very important role. This is why goldfish and Koi should not be kept alone, or even in low numbers; narrowing the odds of a mixed gender house When you see a goldfish floating nose down at a 45 degree angle, there's a very good chance she's impacted with eggs. The eggs are buoyant, causing the back side of the fish to rise. As the situation worsens, she may eventually end up in a vertical position; nose down With the rise of the water temperature, goldfish spawn Goldfish swollen one side Older females may stop emitting hormone that encourages the males to pursue, however, they sometimes continue to develop eggs. Without the help of the males, she's unable to release the eggs In most cases, one side of the fish bulges due to the increased amount of eggs she carries. Healthy females with eggs seldom show obvious bulging Goldfish are often kept in smaller houses, causing the temperature to fluctuate more often than larger bodies of water. Females spawn as the water warms; causing eggs to be produced over eggs that haven't been released, or have become impacted. Fish impacted with eggs become infected with bad bacteria Goldfish floating 45 45 degree angle  The ecosystem in your goldfish or Koi house should be a healthy one. Healthy fish live in healthy water Keep water temperature as consistent as possible. Create a balanced mixed gender in every school of fish. Females do not live as long as males due to these types of issues KH 120 ppm pH 8.0 to 8.4 ppm GH 300 to 400 ppm Goldfish nose down Goldfish and Koi houses should have one or more pond pumps included in the set up. The jets of the pumps create the right kind of action for oxygenating water, however, they also offer female fish the added pressure she needs to release eggs. You may see fish hovering over the jets, and this could be the reason why Scoop your fish up with your hands, and hold her mid section over the jets. Setting should be on medium Goldfish floating 45 degree angle nose down Refer to: Goldfish Impacted with Eggs Recommend using Garlic Remedy Health Tonic Back to Diagnose symptoms and treat All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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Goldfish Raised Scales


Goldfish raised scales caused by too warm of water or fever Buy the book Goldfish raised scales its body is overheated. Goldfish are cold blooded, and can literally cook in too warm of water. The comfort zone is 64f to 74f. All fish with scales show the same pine cone symptom in an effort to cool their body temperature. Raised temperatures are caused by either too warm of water or fever caused by infection or disease Goldfish pine coning If you are certain the water has been cool enough for your fish, the same symptoms could indicate the fish has a fever. Just like people, if a goldfish raised scales, it may be infected, and when this happens, their temperatures rise with fever to blame A happy goldfish is a cold fish Goldfish lifted scales Having no core body temperature, goldfish must be kept in temperatures that are no higher than room temperature. Many people make the mistake of keeping their indoor aquariums in front of a window in direct sunlight or over a heat register. Some people keep their tanks in the kitchen where temps rise when dinner is being cooked Goldfish scales lifted Goldfish in ponds can easily tolerate the warm summer days if the bottom of the pond is at the freeze line. This is the point of depth in the earth that doesn't freeze in the coldest part of winter, but it also the point where it remains coolest. The earth is a great insulator, and ponds lying above the ground in warm weather regions are dangerous for goldfish and Koi alike Perform this 911 water change to improve water conditions Goldfish scales raised Goldfish raised scales If your goldfish is exhibiting the symptom of pine coning, chill the water by scooping aquarium water up in a pitcher; chill it in the freezer or fridge, pour in slowly and all around; refill and repeat until temperatures are well below the low end of the comfort zone. Reduce temps to 55f until scales have returned to their normal position Recommend Garlic Remedy Learn more by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Care Back to symptoms and ailments   All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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Goldfish covered white specks


Goldfish covered white specks on body and tail fins Buy the book Goldfish covered white specks are suffering from parasite infection; ich. You may see your fish darting and flashing around the water in a panic or rubbing against gravel and decorations to relieve the infernal itch. More serious infections can drive a fish to jump from its fish house, leaping to its death. If your goldfish covered white specks on body and or tail fin, treat the fish and its house with natural remedies Parasites are introduced into an environment, unlike bad bacteria that form under the right conditions, but just as easily destroyed with natural remedies. Ich thrives living in unhealthy environments, preferring warm water low in oxygen. Goldfish prefer the opposite conditions; cool water rich in oxygen White specks goldfish The most common parasites are anchor worms, ich and flukes. Although ich is the least dangerous health wise, it causes the most distress. Ich looks much like a sprinkling of salt over the body in heavy cases, whereas flukes, looks like white blobs. Flukes are related to leeches. Anchor worms attach to the fish, it's body waving freely in the water; hard to miss. Lice are tiny dark specks beneath the scales Goldfish darting Most fish infected with parasites are living in water that's poor in value. All of these parasites are easy to discourage by improving water quality. They're easy to eliminate by using natural remedies that improve the health of the fish and the water. Avoid using the harsh chemicals found at pet shops. These products destroy the natural environment, and all too often push the fish over the edge. If your fish are infected, so is the environment Goldfish covered white specks Goldfish ich Read about these parasites and how to eliminate Goldfish flukes Recommend: Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy Goldfish lice Back to symptoms and ailments All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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Goldfish hole head


Goldfish hole head that started off as an abscess Buy the book Goldfish hole head is a serious condition that often leads to death. The condition is caused by bad bacteria infection. In most cases, it's a sign that the tank or pond water isn't properly maintained; the water quality poor. The aquarium set ups sold at pet shops are designed for tropical freshwater fish, not goldfish. Aquariums are typically covered which cuts off oxygen from the water Oxygenated water discourages bad bacteria from forming Use Oop Boost to oxygenate water Oxygen is the biggest defense from harmful bacteria. Bad bugs are always present, just waiting to get a foothold. Water rich in oxygen and minerals is healthy water. Healthy fish live in healthy water. Healthy water helps to build the immune system of the fish and the ecosystem Magnesium and calcium make up the general hardness of water. These minerals give fish vitality and longevity Hole Goldfish Head Avoid or treat hole in the head syndrome. Do everything you can to improve the environment before starting treatment. Avoid using pet shop medications. Medications added to aquariums with poor water value is a bad combination. Do not place the fish in quarantine. This condition is not contagious. If one fish is sick, the others are soon to follow Hole Koi head Caught in the early stages, this condition can be cured with natural treatments Treat fish with Sea salt and garlic remedy that haven't been living in saline water. Use garlic remedy for fish recently salted. Be aggressive with the treatments. Make certain the water is rich in minerals and oxygen before starting treatments. If the fish in question is not eating, force feed to avoid sinking issues. Feed gel food with natural antibiotic Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food goldfish hole head Goldfish abscesses Learn about water value by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Care Goldfish ulcers Perform 911 water change Read about bad bacteria and how to avoid Recommend: Oop Boost Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food Back to symptoms and ailments All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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