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Long live our fish
Long live our fish

Theme troubles

Theme troubles after installing Comodo Theme trouble at gfe. If the website looks a little strange, it's because the theme was messed up when Comodo (secure pay) was installed. This installation involves redirecting the address of the site, so that everyone enters from a secure access. It's complicated. It's so complicated, I had to get help from our host Theme trouble There's only one way to fix it, and that's to delete and reinstall Avada, our theme. All this may sound strange to some, or even most of you, but now, it's become a big part of my life. I spend more time working on the site than I do with the business of goldfish. Even when the site is where it needs to be, I'll continue working on content. It will be a never ending job The posts we create in our blog will have to be edited to meet Google's requirements. This helps our ranking, so if you notice your post has been edited, it's not you, it's me trying to catch Google's attention. It's not enough to have content. We need to have the right kind of content. Yes, Google judges us on how well written, how many words, how many photos, how many links and headings our page contain, and that's putting it lightly theme trouble Like that run on sentence you just read will have to go. lol It's mind boggling I've been reading up on how to reinstall the theme, and I think I have it figured out. I have a feeling we're going to lose a lot of settings in the process, so you might not be able to log in for a day. Once it's done, the site work will be completed; back to the business at hand; goldfish keeping Update: our problems have been solved here at gfe, until a new one pops up Author: Brenda Rand

Big lump goldfish

Big lump goldfish Big lump goldfish on the opposite side now and it's large. Over the last 2 weeks I have done: Back to back garlic in the tank Mint in the tank Baths: 2 weeks ago: garlic and salt (2), mint and h2o2, h2o2 and 1 tsp salt, just h2o2 last night, with massages to the lump. Lump is soft, but has no head. It's all under the scales. No sign of pineconing. Started green garlic juice orally last night and she looked much perkier this a.m. Lump has stopped growing. tumors on goldfish

Website stuff

Website stuff that had to be done Website stuff is the most challenging work I've ever done, but I'm getting better at it. As you've noticed, the site's been down this week. It's been under construction so to speak. The images have been compressed for optimazation. Bad links and clutter have been removed. Now it's loading faster, which is convenient for us, but it also helps our ranking with Google We've passed the website tests with flying colors, and it was no easy task Still have some code showing up in some of the pages that doesn't belong, so I'll be working on that over the next few days. The settings for font and menu colors were changed at some point and time. I'll be working on that as well. The good news is, our blog is back to normal. During all this, some how I broke the theme, and had to reinstall it. The theme has templates on it we use in our forms, so the sign in and up buttons stopped working along with the blog. What a mess. It was sort of like cleaning a house with a large family in it, that had never been cleaned I didn't do it all myself. I had a lot of help from some experts. It's one thing to work on the administrative panel; the backside of the site, however, it's another to repair codes. I've learned a lot during the process; learned how not to break the site Now that the site is in such great shape, we can relax, and begin to enjoy it. We should start seeing the results of the makeover very soon. If you're interested in watching our activity, click on the view my stats link in the footer. My apologies to those of you that were inconvenienced during the down time. I don't think any of us trust the site to be here when we need it right now, but in time, that will change too SSL certificate We now have an SSL, which is security certificate. This too helps our ranking as well as assuring buyers they're protected There's a rumor floating around that tog will be back soon. I'm looking forward to moving it over to our new host. It's much smaller than gfe, so it should be a faster process We should start seeing the results of the makeover very soon

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