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Blog gfe is for gfe members. Create a post pertaining to goldfish and or Koi. Write about an issue you’re having and get help from our members and gfe admin. Tell us about your own experiences, and start a discussion

gfe blog

gfe Blog

If you have a goldfish or Koi 911, and need immediate assistance, help yourself by visiting Diagnose symptoms and treat or call our Hotline



Goldfish Blog

We hope you’ll attach photo(s) or video(s) to your post. Everyone loves seeing photos of fish, however, if your fish has an issue, a picture speaks a thousand words. The photos on and around our site weren’t taken by pros, although it’s hard to believe. Amazing photos of amazing fish, however, some are rather shocking. Our articles contain photos of fish suffering from any issue you can imagine

Read and comment on other member’s posts. Feel free to offer your opinion or your encouragement. Tell us your stories, ask questions or just chat. Content is irrelevant as long as it pertains to fish

Blog gfe

Create your own post by filling out the form below. Create your post in a word program if it’s lengthy. This assures you won’t lose it before you’ve finished writing. Cut and paste into form. Be sure to give your post a title. Upload images you want to display, and submit. Select a category is optional

Members that are actively creating posts, and have earned the goldfish keeper title or higher may opt to have their own category

Goldfish blog

To upload photo click on ‘Choose image’ in white box below text box. This will lead you to the files on your computer. After selecting an image, click open to upload. Be sure to click on ‘Submit post’ to complete your post

Click on the title of your post to open and view in its entirety. Only an excerpt is shown on this page

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Blog gfe

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Scroll down to view blog posts. Notice each article snip has a category. Read more articles in that category by clicking on the article link. To comment on an article in the category section, click on the title to open, and then click on comment link below

Thanks for sharing with goldfish emergency

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