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Blog gfe

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Tank Cycling

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  1. Venus August 29, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    I see you compromised with a comment instead of a blog post, and that’s quite alright. The activity will be very beneficial to the site; much appreciated

    Let’s start by finding out why the infestation persists. These pesky worms thrive in poor water quality, and so does fungus. Describe your set up to me. I know you have an 80 gallon tank, but what type of substrate do you have? How thick is it? What type of pumps do you have installed? Do you have living plants? If so, what type, and how are they planted?

    Do you know your water parameters? ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, GH, KH and pH?

    It all starts with excellent water. I’ve learned that our fish and the beneficial bacteria that create the nitrogen cycle thrive in water rich in mineral and oxygen value, whereas parasites, including the worms that haunt you, do not. The best way to start the elimination process is make sure the water is A okay

    Once we get the water just right (if it’s not already) I’ll instruct you on how to proceed

  2. Bodnaresk19 August 29, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    Hi Venus ,

    I am the person with the worms in the tank.  Yes still fighting them !!!  Regarding my cycle it is now dead. So that is why I am wanting to switch over my 80 gallon to a 15 gallon. These worms have just tired me out and I’m so tired of constant water changes in the 80 gallon .  It will be easier to maintain a smaller tank until I can get another cycle good going.  My tank still had the white fungus inside of it and the worms and I no longer have algae like I used to.   I have a few days off work coming up here and I would like to get the smaller tank going and perform a salt bath to the  to prevent possibly transferring the worms into the smaller tank when I   Acclimate them to the new tank .  These worms have been so dreadful.   I’m at my wits end 🙁 could you possibly tell me how to do a salt bath ?

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