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goldfish emergency
goldfish emergency
goldfish emergency

                                                          GOLDFISH EMERGENCY SERVICES

Goldfish emergency was created for goldfish and Koi keepers around the world. Visit our goldfish emergency 911 options for assistance if your fish is sick or showing signs of distress. Call our 911 Hotline, and talk to  one of our master goldfish keepers. Opt for One on One via Email, and get unlimited emails addressing your issues or concerns, or help yourself by utilizing our diagnose symptoms and treat section

Read and learn everything you can about the fish you keep by visiting Goldfish Koi Care articles

Tried and true, our methods of goldfish keeping are organic, focusing on building a healthy ecosystem. Your goldfish will thrive in the natural environment you create. Most sick fish are suffering from water lacking in minerals and oxygen. Improve the water, improve the fish

Goldfish 911

We are experts in diagnosing the majority of issues that plague goldfish and Koi, however, we are also experts in bringing these fish back to good health. We leave it up you to take our advice and follow our instructions closely, but if you do, the reward is great. Compared to the average instructions found on goldfish care, our methods may seem strange. The proof is in the pudding

goldfish emergency

Excellent goldfish health depends on excellent water quality, and this is why we focus heavily on their care and maintenance. The theories we teach work with Mother Nature, instead of against her, as most information floating around about goldfish

The pet shop shelves are filled with various medications. Made up of dangerous chemicals, when used, they often push sick fish over the edge. In most cases the sick fish is suffering from poor feeding habits, improper maintenance or unhealthy water. Top these types of issues off with chemicals, and the prognosis is negative

Sick goldfish

Scroll through our many pages of posts and articles. Check out the books we offer that contain all of the information on our site. Learn everything you can about your goldfish and Koi by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping

Check out shop. We sell organic remedies for just about anything that ails your fish. The remedies first started out as treatments and tonics we recommended on our old site. By demand, we started bottling them for your convenience, and now it’s become our passion. It’s our goal to put our remedies on the shelves of every pet shop, giving the consumer another option from the dangerous medications commonly sold

Dying goldfish

The goldfish and Koi industry have used and abused our fish by recommending chemically based products. The very products you believe are helping your fish are slowly killing them. Most fish that survive the nitrogen cycle will die from organ failure. Don’t let this happen to your fish

Goldfish emergency

Don’t be a part of the problem by keeping your fish in an aquarium designed for tropical fish. If our fish are to thrive in captivity, we have to compromise with their set up. These fish we’ve been keeping in bowls came from the icy cold rivers in China. They may look fancy on the outside, however, on the inside, they’re still goldfish

Having no core body temperature, these cold blooded fish need cold water rich in minerals and oxygen

People buy goldfish because they have been led to believe they are cheap to keep. Clean the fish water when it looks dirty and feed the fish; simple. Goldfish are simple, however, the ecosystem you will need to create for them is complex. Goldfish make waste, and lots of it. Waste produces a dangerous toxin, ammonia. When ammonia is present beneficial bacteria form to feed on it, converting ammonia into nitrites, another dangerous toxin. When nitrites are present, another type of friendly bug forms to feed on it. These organisms convert nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates are the final toxin to be converted in what we call the nitrogen cycle

Help goldfish

Nitrate is a safe toxin in low amounts

Fish keepers refer to nitrates as the end result of the nitrogen cycle, however, this isn’t true. Algae forms to feed on nitrates when present, keeping levels safe for our fish. This plant is a nutritious and delicious food source, representing the end and the beginning of the nitrogen cycle

Learn everything you can about your fish by reading and following our 10 Steps to goldfish Koi Keeping


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    I was reading back through my journal. Hip’s trouble began back in April. So she had 4 months of pretty good quality of life and one week of pretty poor quality before she went. Not too bad considering that antibiotics would probly have killed her right away. We take what we can get, right?

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