Goldfish has ICH

Goldfish has ICH 2016-03-16T14:28:51-05:00
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      I think my goldfish has ich

      Hi can somebody point an efficient ICH treatment? I have done three MB bath treatments so far, so far it seems to be improving. The fish have got their appetite back and seem to be doing well.

      Apart from the ICH some of the fish have frayed tails and red streaking in the tails. One of the them has a symptom of ulceration on the side. After the above treatment, it seems to be contained.

      Goldfish has ich

      Water Parameter, Ammonia 0, Nitrites – 0 , Nitrate 40 PPM.

      Water temp 74F

      There is salt in the tank @1 tablespoon for every 10 gallons.

      I apologize if this had already been answered.

      Thank you.

      Goldfish has ich

    • Venus
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      I can’t believe this post went unnoticed. We’ve had a lot of issues with the site over these past few months, but still, we should have seen it. I hope you’ll accept our apologies and know that this we normally respond within a few hours after someone posts

      If you’re still looking for help, let us know, and we’ll help you eliminate parasites and bad bacteria in the water and on the fish naturally and safely

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