Mouth rot or fungus

Mouth rot or fungus 2016-03-15T06:26:54-05:00
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    • lauren
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      My goldfish has possible mouth rot or fungus

      Hello, I really hope posting links is allowed as I have summarized a lot of problems on this read it thread & I was recommended to go to here and I hope somebody could give me some clarification. I think my goldfish has possible mouth rot or fungus

      I posted here not so long ago, I recently got a new fish from a fish store that I was warned had sick fish and that I shouldn’t have done but I don’t have many options in my area. I put him into a cycled tank but did not quarantine him as I didn’t have another tank and I made a big mistake as he looked healthy in the store. Both of the fish are in a 64 litre right now and I can’t quarantine and I am really panicking. I’m going to pick up a 240 liter within the next few days and I thought this 2 week wait wouldn’t be so bad.

      Possible mouth rot or fungus

      I woke up a few days ago to my original goldfish NIBBLING at his lip, I was horrified and started to divide the tank whilst feeding them because I noticed it was only around food time that the original goldfish got particularly aggressive and thought that this would die down once I moved them into the bigger tank.

      I have been worried sick for the past 2 days because Blue has now got a red ring around his mouth and it looks all teared and painful like it could be mouth rot from Parker chewing at it. I am so upset and I really can’t stress enough that the water is clean as I have been doing a lot of water changes in order to make up for the small tank.

      I think the both of them are now really sick and I am really upset. I don’t even know where to begin with treating them and I really need some advice. I have been doing water changes and separating them to let his mouth heal for two days now and I feel like this is all my fault 🙁

      Possible mouth rot or fungus

      I have ordered some Melafix, Anti-bacterial/anti-fungus medication and aquarium salt as I wasn’t sure what to get but I am panicking in case this is really serious and I will go out today and get something ASAP.

      I can’t post water parameters as I don’t have a test kit right now but I can’t think of anything which could of caused an ammonia spike in the cycled tank except adding the new goldfish but neither fish have showed any signs of poor water like gasping at the top etc. but perhaps I really overlooked everything.

      Both seem to be eating ok & Blue is slightly more lethargic (torn mouth) but is still not resting at the bottom or anything. I am terrified that his mouth is going to rot away.

      Blue: Parker: has always ate like this since the day I got him)

      Does anybody know if this is bacterial or fungus and what I could do to treat if anything. ANY advice on EVERYTHING would be amazing. I am sorry it is slightly vague and if anybody has any questions I will answer them ASAP. Really worried about my fish 🙁

      Video of Blue the sick fish
      Video of Parker the ‘healthy’ fish

      Thank you all so much

      Possible mouth rot of fungus

    • Venus
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      Poor kid, Our site was hacked just after you posted, and has just recently been repaired. I wonder if the fish are alive still or if you’ve received help from someone else by now

      Your fish are suffering from poor water quality; not a disease. Healthy fish live in healthy water. Follow the instructions found in this article to improve the quality of the tank water, and if you and the fish are still around, post back here for further instruction

      After you’ve performed the water change, following instructions closely, read the 10 steps to learn how to keep these things from happening.

      Hope to hear back from you, Venus

      PS Utube videos are okay, but no links leading to other fish sites. I’ve cut and paste the post you created in the other fish site to your forum post instead

    • Anonymous
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      So sorry we weren’t here when you needed us! Having the site hacked was terrible. I think your Blue would do well with an aloe treatment; an all natural remedy that does very good things for any type of skin lesion, especially an injury like this. You can find it at If it became infected, garlic treatment and H2O2 therapy or ozone therapy will help a lot. As Venus said, improving your water quality is the very best thing you can do for your fish, injured or not. This means not only keeping up with water changes, but doing them in a way that protects your cycle and adds value to your water by making sure that GH and KH are in the comfort zone for goldfish.

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