Give US your Fish

//Give US your Fish

Give US your Fish

Give us Your Goldfish if can no longer care for them

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Give us your your fish if you can longer care for them. People bring home goldfish thinking they’re cheap and easy to care for, but live to regret it when they realize the opposite is true. The pond pumps, the larger tanks and the remedies we recommend do not come cheap. Some of us simply can’t afford it

Due to poor health, some may not be able to perform the labor intense water changes we recommend. There are also some that don’t have time, and some that cannot handle the emotional stress involved in caring for a sick fish

Rehome goldfish

Don’t beat yourself up; goldfish are not for everyone

It’s not easy to find a home for a goldfish; a home where you know the fish will be well cared for. Releasing the fish in a local natural waterway is not the solution. A small goldfish is a light snack for a larger fish in the pond, and most environmentalists frown upon it, as well as some officials. If you get caught, you could be fined

Instead, give us your goldfish

We’ve recently decided to open our hearts and our tanks up to unwanted goldfish, for whatever reason, but of course, only when space allows. Common or fancy, large or small, no matter their condition, healthy or sick. The sick goldfish will be treated until they either get healthy or die trying, but when a fish does pass on, it will be respectfully buried in a garden

We cannot take large pond fish, however, we invite you to blog about it Blog gfe

Find home goldfish

The goldfish that are deemed healthy will be re-homed to qualified goldfish keepers

give us your fish

Give us your fish

The nine year old moor goldfish in the photo above was given up by a woman that felt overwhelmed by their needs, and some day it may be placed up for adoption. The fish had a sinking disorder and had been severely burned by ammonia (see below) but after months of therapy is now healthy and swimming normally. Every fish deserves its chance

How to ship goldfish

give us your fish

Give us your Fish

Please donate unwanted pond pumps. They will be used to support the fish we take in, and when they’re no longer needed will be sold as established pumps to help support our efforts and our site

Click here, and post on our blog to tell us about your fish Blog gfe (click on the ‘Give us your fish’ category)

Feel free to post an add here on the site if can’t pay for shipping. We may be able to help you reach someone in your area that would like to have, and take care of your fish

Ask questions to make sure the new owner is a qualified fish keeper before you give your fish to just anyone. A good fish keeper understands the nitrogen cycle, and tests water parameters frequently. They understand the value of pH, and they know how to maintain healthy levels. Ask how long they’ve been keeping fish. Being inexperienced doesn’t mean the individual interested in your fish won’t care for them. If this is the case, point them to our website so they can learn the right way to keep goldfish or Koi

For more information scroll down to post questions or comments or contact [email protected]
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