• That’s great news. H202 saves the day.

  • The black marks indicate healing burns, not bacteria infection. It takes several weeks for fresh burns to turn black. It’s hard to say why some fish make it through a cycle without a mark, while the others show signs of stress. Toxins form in clouds, and this fish was unlucky enough to be hovering in the wrong place at the wrong time

    Don’t beat…[Read more]

  • Feeding peas will help something, but probably won’t effect the condition caused by nitrate poisoning or shock. You’re not taking all the blame. I should have remembered the fish had a rocky past. Nitrates were pretty high when the fish arrived. It’s weird, because the fish can behave perfectly normal until a large water change is performed, and…[Read more]

  • Lowering nitrates would help, but at the same time, the cycle is really delicate right now, and if you remove enough water to lower nitrates, it might spike. The Prime you’re using converts nitrates, so I say we stick to the water changing routine, but increase the dosage. Start with a full dosage today, double tomorrow, and then continue using a…[Read more]

  • I get it. You can’t go wrong with garlic

  • Perform the salt bath daily for as long as you have the fish, and then if you can, add some garlic water to the tank. It’s a good combo. If you’re certain the fish haven’t been in a consistent saline solution previously, you could pour the bath water back into the tank

  • The leaves fell off because they were rotting away more than likely. Plants, just like fish have no tolerance for ammonia and nitrite. Unhealthy water leads to unhealthy plants. Maybe it will come back, but more than likely it will just contribute to the bio load. It may be time to replace

  • I confess to laughing at the discription; sounds more like a horror show. lol

    A fluke should be easy enough to remove with the swab, unless it’s on steroids. I haven’t experienced flukes first hand, but have dealt with many cases here. The fish are obviously itching….so….that spells parasites. Parasites are tiny creatures that look like…[Read more]

  • Hey, that’s good news. The cycle is complete

    Scoop the fish up in a container for a closer look. Can you remove the white spot on the nose? or is it damaged tissue? Use a dry swab to test. The fish’s behavior indicate parasites. Flukes are related to leeches, and are whitish in color, and shapeless. The size is right from the photo you sent.…[Read more]

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    I was reading some info about wonder shells found here

    I was particularly interested in the paragraphs below

    Please note, Wonder Shells do NOT generally raise KH or pH, despite some incorrect claims by Weco and other websites that have not used these AAP Wonder Shells…[Read more]

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    Crushed coral comes in a net bag because it’s really messy. You don’t take it out of the bag. When they say crushed, they mean crushed. You place the bag next to a pump where the water is moving, and it adds the mineral to the water. It makes a bit of a cloud, and there’s no control over KH value. You would have to test frequently to make sure the…[Read more]

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    From past experience with other members, the wonder shells degraded only in soft water. As GH levels climbed, the shells stopped degrading, but yes, 500 is too high. Yes, definitely remove the shells. Is the brand Wonder Shell? Are the shells raising KH or are you buffering?

    I would sprinkle the shells on top of the gravel, or they won’t do…[Read more]

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    We rinse the sponges for a few reasons; to keep the sponge free of debris, and able to do its job; filter water, but we also rinse sponges to keep beneficial bacteria from living in them. This encourages them to build their colonies inside the pump, where it’s safe

    I exchange water three times a week, and every time I do a water change, I rinse…[Read more]

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    Nitrite was .5, and is now .3, so that’s a good sign. Ammonia is up, but….it’s possible you feed a little more than the fish owners. Feed a smidge less, and let’s see if the ammonia doesn’t back off to zero. Ammonia is created from waste; the first toxin in the nitrogen cycle. When you see ammonia appear in a cycled tank, the food source isn’t…[Read more]

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    I’m sure it will; correct itself. The wonder shells; good idea. Those things are awesome. My tap has a decent KH level, but over the years the levels have climbed in my fish houses due to water evaporation and mineral concentration. Now a days I have to use a little distilled water and or vinegar to keep the levels safe. It’s always something

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    The standard 8 oz remedies treat 10 gallons per ounce. I’ll design the remedy for a 10 day treatment. The remedies you bought for your pond were concentrated; pond strength. I do have one ounce bottles, but they wouldn’t be large enough to get the job done

    Should we hold off on the remedies? Shipping crazy expensive

    Use enough Prime to…[Read more]

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    Priority shipping (two to three days) is $39.25 for one remedy; $42.10 for two. No shipping charge for standard shipping (seven to 10 days) If you’ll pay the $42.10 for priority shipping, I’ll throw in the Water Boost for free to make up for the standard shipping fee I would have to pay

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