Sick Ryukin

Sick Ryukin

Sick Ryukin floating

Sick ryukin has been floating off and on for over a month. He has 2-3 good days then 1-2 days when he hangs at the surface, dorsal out of the water, looking miserable, with limp fins. I think it’s digestion related. He doesn’t appear to be pooping much at all.

Cure sick goldfish

I’ve tried:
tonics: astralagus, mint, ginger, aloe.
oiling: I oiled him a few times and the last time, about 2 weeks ago, he flipped upside down for about 8-9 hours. I thought I had killed him. When he flipped over, I saw bloody areas under the skin on his abdomen. I threw him into an antibiotic tub thinking he was septic. The blood cleared up, I cleared him and put him back into the tank. It was while he was in the tub that I noticed very little pooping going on. He eats and not much comes out. I’m feeding him only gel food – tiny bits at a time so as not to overload him. 4 times/day.

Goldfish bobbing surface

I just ordered the floating remedy. Maybe I should have chosen digestive therapy? What do you recommend?

Same 48 gal tank, now with 3 fish. Parameters are good. I have tons of algae now, both in the scrubber and on the tank walls. Temp 71-73.

Goldfish floating surface
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