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Slow moor misses food

This is not really an emergency…. just worrisome. Hope that is alright.

I have two goldfish- a moor and a fantail. My dear moor is quite nearsighted, and the fantail is getting the lion’s share of the food. I was using a floating food, and the trouble was bad enough. But I recently made up a batch of nice healthy gel food, and that has made the problem even worse.
I figure this must be a common issue. Is there some way to deal with this, short of just sticking with the floating food, and accepting that the moor will always get a little while the fantail gets a lot?


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  1. Venus August 20, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Good deal; sounds like you’re on top of it

    I’ve tried adding gel to existing gelatin, and had no success at all. If your method works for you; please share with us

  2. Gweenie August 20, 2017 at 10:30 am

    p.s. I was feeding peas, but the new gel food has peas in it, in addition to other things….

  3. Gweenie August 20, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Thank you, Venus. What you say is very encouraging. And yes, my moor loves pecking around in the gravel. I feed them a little bit several times a day. And I actually melted down the batch of gel food I made and added more gelatin for just the reason you say. The food was breaking up too quickly.
    In addition to the gel food I give them assorted vegetables and bloodworms.

  4. Venus August 19, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    This is a common concern with goldfish keepers. Some say we shouldn’t keep our fancy fish with the common because they just can’t compete for food, but I’ve always kept them together successfully. By successfully, I mean my fancy fish are, and always have been fat

    To make sure all of your fish get plenty without over feeding, hold food below the surface, and release in a spreading motion. The faster fish may get a little more, but that’s okay, their metabolisms are faster, so they need more food. With this method of feeding, a lot of the food will end up on the bottom in the gravel, which is a good thing

    Avoid feeding floating foods, as this encourages the fish to come to the surface, which can be stressful. Goldfish by nature are bottom feeders and bottom dwellers. The bottom is where they feel safe. The greatly enjoy pecking through the gravel in search of leftover morsels

    Even though the moor is at a disadvantage with it’s poor eye sight, goldfish use their noses to find food in the gravel

    Floating food has air in it, and can cause digestive disorders, leading to floating issues. These foods are actually designed for pond fish, to bring them to the surface for a better show during feeding time. Koi seem to do okay with this type of food. They have amazing digestion, but then, the industry doesn’t breed them to be shaped abnormally. I don’t think we’re doing our poor goldfish any favors by breeding them to exhibit features that should be considered as unhealthy. The fact is, fancy goldfish are more prone to serious issues than common goldfish or Koi

    If you make your own gel food, add an extra package of gelatin for extra staying power. This will give the slower fish a chance to find the food before it breaks down, which is a problem with gel food. I’ve just recently increased the gelatin in The Organic Fish seaweed and shrimp recipe. Our conversation has reminded me I need to edit my gel food recipe book to include the additional gelatin. It makes all the difference

    How many times a day have you been feeding? Are you feeding a variety?

    Most important with feeding is to feed regularly, feeding less more often, as they have no stomachs. Feeding them in this manner makes happy. In the wild they spend most of their time foraging. Most keepers feed only once or twice a day, which is hard on their digestive tract, but the best reason for feeding several times daily is to give them something to do

    Thanks for joining us, and please feel free to chat about the little things as well as the big, Venus

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