1. My stock tank sits a few inches off the floor, but the tub is 30″ off the floor. The water evaporates so quickly in the tub, that keeping KH under control is a constant battle. The water in the stock tank evaporates so gradually, high KH is never a problem. The tub has no shells in it, but the stock tank has a large collection. Heat rises, and I believe this is the major contributing factor, but I also wonder if the plastic has something to do with it

    As soon as I can, I’m getting another stock tank to replace the tub

  2. Sorry to hear it. There’s a cold with my name on it, hiding behind some corner, waiting for me. I’m scared. lol Drink lots of hot tea

  3. I hope it worked this time had to miss one days of work I got my but kicked bye a cold grr

  4. You sent pics, but no link. Copy your facebook page link from the address bar at the top of the page, and paste into an email, or you can tell me the name of your page, and I should be able to find it. I tried looking under your name, but nope

  5. Email me your facebook page address, and we can like each other. I have several pages; one for each of my passions in life, which are many

  6. You never cease to amaze me. Yes, I got em, and thanks for sharing with me. You’re so creative. Do you post these items on your facebook page? People enjoy seeing art projects, and it also motivates them to do the same. My fav will always be the fish pillow. So cute

    Ya know, we’ve got a miscellaneous section in our blog? You could ctreate a post or two, and share some of your projects. The maximum amount of photos is 5, but you could create a blog for each project. If I find it interesting, others will too

  7. Painting is great therapy. Once I get the paint out, and paint one thing, I don’t want to stop. I just want to paint everything. You’re a creative person. I hope you’ll send me a pic when you’re done

    I haven’t painted art in many years; I used to paint a lot. Mostly wooden boxes; oddly enough. I just think wooden boxes need paintings on them I guess. Back in the day, I painted a lot of birds, but if I start painting again, I’m sure I’ll paint goldfish

    Weird, but I have a tub with three fish in it. I got them last summer, and they’re already three inches in body length. I’ve never seen fish grow so fast. I wonder if they were fed steroids. They’re not going to fit in the tub much longer, so it looks like I need another stock tank. There’s not enough space for them in my main tank. These new fish are much friendlier than my old fish. I wonder if it’s due to the fact they can see me through the clear tub? They’re like puppies. One is a sarasa comet, and is has really beautiful fins. The others are common and comet, one white one orange; simple goldfish

  8. Spounds cool I’ve bin painting a felt case I made for one of my consoles I put an image on it it was bland with out something on it

  9. Painting? What are you going to paint? A wall? A picture? I’ve been doing faux finishes on interior walls, and having a great time doing it. I’ve done a lot of wall painting. I’m using a rag, blending with various colors, and then I stain the wall when I’m done; beautiful

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