Goldfish Koi 911

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Goldfish Koi 911 demands fast action. Time is of the essence. In most cases, the fish we help are not diseased, but suffering from water low in oxygen and mineral value. Improve the health of the water; improve the health of the fish. Every tonic or treatment should start with healthy water. If you’re reading this, your have a sick goldfish or Koi

Start by performing this 911 Water Change

Goldfish sick dying

Every fish keeper at some time or another will experience a goldfish emergency. Be prepared by having a goldfish first aid kit on hand

Items you need for your first aid kit
Water treatment (that converts ammonia, nitrite and nitrates to a safe form) 
Eye dropper (fine Tipped)
Syringe (fine tipped)
Oop Boost (to increase oxygen levels)
Baking soda (to increase KH levels)
Epsom salts
Aquarium safe salt
Master freshwater test kit

Goldfish distress

If you would you prefer to talk to one of our administrators via the phone, call our hotline where you’ll receive a minimum of one hour phone time, backed up with conversations via email. Consultation will not stop until the fish is on a path to recovery or the unspeakable. We cannot save every fish, but if you do everything we ask as quickly as possible, the odds are in our favor


Your fish has the best chance of recovery if you follow our instructions to the letter and work quickly

Goldfish sick dying

If you would prefer to help yourself, search through our broad collection of photos of sick and infected goldfish with listed symptoms to match. The symptoms are followed up with referrals to related pages that instruct on treatment and care. Another option is to join us in the our gfe forum

Goldfish 911 emergency

The pages of information are founded, tested, tried and true. Even though the industry is an old one, there is little valid information in the pet shops or on the internet on goldfish care. If you rely on the pet shop, they will sell you a set up that’s designed for tropical freshwater fish, not goldfish. They won’t tell you the real story about the nitrogen cycle. They will sell you boxes of dangerous chemicals labeled to kill bad bacteria

Goldfish unresponsive

goldfish koi 911

Bottles labeled to cure nitrate poisoning, labeled to cure floating and bloating issues. The end result; the beneficial bacteria will be poisoned by the poisons as well as the cycle it breaks. The chemicals they promise will cure your fish will push it over the edge. The industry is heartless

Hotline (consult with expert via phone)

One on One (consult with expert via email)

Diagnose symptoms and treat (self help)

Goldfish symptoms Ailments (self help)

Class symptoms (self help)

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