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Excellent goldfish Koi health starts with excellent water
Perform our 911 water change, and see the difference

Follow our 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Keeping, and watch your fish flourish

Unhealthy fish live in unhealthy water. You may think that cleaning your aquarium or pond frequently is the key to good health, but over cleaning leads to disaster. A healthy ecosystem depends on beneficial bacteria to keep the fish safe from the toxins created by their waste, and this task is performed by beneficial bacteria, better known as friendly bugs. Without these bugs, there would be no fish in our natural bodies of water. Learn about the nitrogen cycle

Goldfish health

Healthy water requires more than a cycled tank or pond

Do you know about testing water parameters? If not, the water your fish are swimming in may be low in mineral content and low in oxygen. Learn what and how to test. Pick up a master test kit from the pet shop that contain ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, KH, pH and GH. These are the five basic parameters that help us determine if our water is poor in value or excellent. Living in excellent water quality gives our fish the potential to outlive our dogs and cats

Healthy fish live in healthy water. In most cases, the fish keepers that come to our site with a problem do not test their water, however, they are passionate about their fish. Problem being; they just don’t understand the nitrogen cycle or the value of water; something all of us should be aware of

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