Bubble Disease

Bubble Disease is caused by supersaturated gases

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Bubble disease is not really a disease at all. Goldfish affected by supersaturated gases might show symptoms such as uncontrolled swimming; gasping at surface; bulging eye, known as pop eye, bubbles escaping from mouth or gills; raised areas that look like tumors, which are actually air pockets or bubbles under the skin or bubble disease; not really a disease at all

Tap water often comes out of the faucet saturated with gases, which are actually concentrated levels of oxygen that goldfish cannot tolerate. They can literally suffocate from these extreme amounts of oxygen. You might have noticed the minuscule bubbles in a freshly filled water glass. As an experiment, fill one glass with tap water from a faucet turned on full blast. Fill another glass with tap water with the faucet turned on at a slow stream; and you’ll see the difference. Now, take the glass filled with the bubbles and using a whisk; stir it briskly for several moments. You’ll see that the bubbles have dissipated

The goldfish in the photo below has an air pocket at the base of the dorsal fin; looking much like a tumor

Bubble disease; a fish in water with supersaturated gases may feel deprived of oxygen

Check the glass walls of your aquarium for these tiny bubbles; when visual, supersaturated gases are present and may be injuring your fish

Tiny bubbles in tap water

If your faucet has extreme amounts of gases, try removing the cap from the end of the faucet; these caps which contain a screen increase pressure which increase the amount of supersaturated gases in the tap water

To eliminate supersaturated gases in tap water; work fresh water over by pouring it a few times. Hold the container high over the fresh water tub; let it hit hard; this breaks up the gases

Increase the surface action in your tank, aquarium or pond by adding a pond pump. The action of the pump; pulls the water along with the gases into the intake valve shooting a powerful jet of water to the top of the tank where the gas is released; making the water safe for goldfish

If after increasing your surface action and eliminating the supersaturated gases in your tank water; your goldfish shows signs of distress; it may benefit from a salt bath

Goldfish blowing bubbles

Other types of bubble issues are caused by the use of air pumps or bubblers. Some fish nibble at the bubbles for fun. Surface feeding in another cause or feeding floating pellets, and last but not least is low oxygen levels in the water, which cause fish to gasp at the surface

Air pumps have no place in goldfish tank

bubble disease
Supersaturated gases

The Koi above is suffering from a floating issue. The owner placed it in an hospital tank, but was unaware of the dangers of supersaturated gases

bubble disease
Bubble disease

Is your goldfish getting enough action?

Open the top of your aquarium so the surface of the water is exposed to fresh air

Sea Salt Remedy

Bubble disease

Oxygen Deprivation: Anoxia

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Author: Brenda Rand