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gfe knowledge base contains hundreds of articles on goldfish and Koi keeping. Based on hands on experience, these articles are not copied from other websites. Our theories and methods of goldfish and Koi keeping may be different from other information you may find. Most goldfish are kept in aquariums that are designed for small or tropical freshwater fish, not goldfish

Goldfish and Koi both come from the rivers of China. They thrived in water rich in mineral value and heavily oxygenated. We’ve learned how to recreate this environment by studying their ancestry, and have achieved a level of success that few have obtained

We believe that goldfish and Koi should be kept in an organic environment, free of chemicals and medicine that so many fish keepers rely on today. In their natural ecosystem, there are no chemicals, but pure water, rich in value. In the wild, you won’t see fish with floating issues. Their diet consists of mostly vegetation, with fish eggs and small fry being a delicacy. Eating small amounts throughout the day, their digestive system is healthy

In their native habitat, you won’t see goldfish suffering from ammonia or nitrite poisoning. Waste is produced consistently, and thereby being converted consistently. Fish do not suffer from nitrate issues in the wild. Vegetation is plentiful, consuming nitrates as the toxin is produced

Creating a healthy environment starts by learning the basics of healthy water, which starts with understanding how water is oxygenated. Oxygenating water begins by forgetting everything you’ve learned from friends, online or from pet shop clerks. The information passed around is filled with misconceptions

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gfe knowledge base

In our articles, you will find just about anything and everything you’ll ever need to know about your fish. Read and learn everything you can, and your fish will  thrive in the environment you create for them by following Mother Nature’s lead

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Author: Brenda Rand