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Goldfish Kid makes learning fun

Goldfish kid book teaches the basics on care. Keeping goldfish can be easy and fun if you know what you’re doing. No matter how old or young you are, you can become a goldfish kid by following the Golden Goldfish Rules

Follow each rule, and your goldfish will live and grow

Do you know what an ecosystem is? Everything in your goldfish’s house, the gravel, the pond pumps, and all of the tiny organisms that are too small for us to see; together, these are the things that make up an ecosystem. If our goldfish are to be healthy and happy, we must create a healthy and happy ecosystem for them

Goldfish for kids

Every animal eats, and every animal also makes waste. Goldfish pooh is a very important part of the ecosystem in your goldfish house. Too much pooh makes the house too dirty, but just the right amount of goldfish pooh makes for a healthy ecosystem. In every ecosystem there are unfriendly bacteria. We call them bad bugs, but there are also beneficial bacteria. We call them friendly bugs. A healthy ecosystem has many more friendly bugs than bad. These friendly bugs live in our pumps and filters, so try not to disturb them.

Do you know what the nitrogen cycle is?

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Friendly bugs make the water safe for goldfish to live in. Without them, the water would be filled with poison. Goldfish make pooh. Pooh turns to ammonia, a deadly toxin. Friendly bugs feed on ammonia, turning it into nitrite, another deadly toxin. Friendly bugs also feed on nitrite, turning it into nitrate. Nitrates are the last toxin to form in the nitrogen cycle. Nitrates are dangerous, but only in large amounts.

Goldfish kid
The Goldfish Kid

Plants feed on nitrates, which is used as fertilizer

We can thank Mother Nature for the nitrogen cycle. Without it, there would be no fish. If you learn all about the nitrogen cycle, you will understand how important an ecosystem is to our goldfish

Do you know what algae is?

Algae is a greenish brown plant life that grows on the sides of your goldfish house and the decorations in it. Algae is a very healthy food for goldfish, and most of them love it. Algae helps to keep the water safe because it feeds on nitrates, keeping levels low

The Goldfish Kid book is contains the Five Golden Goldfish Kids. These five steps are easy to follow and understand. Your kids will also enjoy coloring the beautiful fish and about the goldfish that grew and grew
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