Petsway is a very bad way

Petsway is a very bad way indeed. I visited their shop in hopes of finding the right fish to pair off with another. I found that fish, but I also found something else in the process; a small school of fantails in the tank above. I love fantails, and was looking them over, only to discover one was floating at the surface in a weakened condition. It looked close to death

I flagged a clerk, and asked if I could have the fish, explaining I was an expert, and wanted to hone my skill at diagnosing and rescue. I also offered to pay full price. the clerk spoke with the manage before informing me they couldn’t sell any of the fish in that tank in order to prevent infection

She immediately placed a sign on the tank. Located in Springfield Missouri, this Petsway has some bad practices, and I would assume all of the shops are the same

Without a doubt, I knew the sick fish would be culled; tossed in the trash, dead or alive

The fact is, pet shop chains are not in it for the love of animals. They’re out to make a profit. There was no real reason they couldn’t have given me the fish. I believe it was constipated, and suffering from exhaustion

They didn’t give me a reason, and the clerk became defensive, so I let the matter go, but if you’re in the market for a goldfish, avoid their store. Look for an independently owned shop. There’s a much better chance the owners are passionate about the fish they sell

Petsway is a very bad way indeed, so instead, try it our way by learning the 10 Steps


By Venus

Master goldfish keeper