New fish

New fish has been brought home from Petsway

New fish is a Sarasa comet, and it’s a real beauty. Body length is two inches or so, not including the tail. It’s white with a large splash of brilliant read on it’s head. I bought this fish to keep the Koi company. The other fish want nothing to do with it, and it seems to be pining for the moor

Yes, the two have bonded, and are hanging out together. This fish was alone in a tank next to the Koi, and the Koi seemed fascinated by it. When it was removed from the tank, the small school became very upset. I think my Koi remembers it. It obviously remembers the Koi. They seemed to be old friends

Sarasa Comet

I really hate pet shop chains. Independently owned shops are a different story…in most cases. I always leave feeling depressed. The feeder tanks were filled with some very attractive comets. When I made it known that I felt bad for them, my daughter, unaware, said they’re just feeder fish. She had no idea they were baby commons and comets; that if given an opportunity would grow into magnificent creatures. When I think of small fish being eaten in the wild, it doesn’t bother me; nature taking its course, but in captivity, it doesn’t have a chance; unfair play

Petsway heartless

Attached photo is fuzzy of the Sarasa, due to the fact the fish are in a tub. I’ll get a better shot when the fish are being moved back into the stock, which may be another month or two. The tank is outdoors in the sun, and is already getting a thin layer of algae on the bottom. I’ve been adding old tub water to it. Hoping the pump will compete the cycle as well. I pulled all my pumps because they wouldn’t fit in the tub; lost a lot of friendly bugs


By Venus

Master goldfish keeper