Moor trouble

Moor Trouble with old rescue fish

Moor trouble with fish rescued four years ago. It’s owner drove over a hundred miles to bring this fish to me. She was overwhelmed by the instructions, and was afraid of doing the wrong thing. The cycle had spiked several times in the years she’d had the fish. Poisoned by ammonia, nitrite and nitrates too, topping off the devastation, the fish was also suffering from floating issues due to improper feeding

Fish tilting

The fish is abnormally small for its nine years, a runt for whatever reason

It began going downhill a few years ago, sitting for long periods of time. Water parameters were good. The fact that it lost its tank mate close to two years ago may have something to do with its condition. I had moved into a house with filtered water without realizing it. It was a difficult move, and I was exhausted; not thinking. After setting up the stock tank, I was down for the count

The next morning the fish were gasping at the surface. Carbonate mineral levels were zero. I buffered KH, and within a few hours the fish were acting normally, however, within a few days one of the moors had a swollen eye. The sight was atrocious. Moors have bulging eyes to begin with. The one eye was doubled in size

Tilted goldfish

I did everything I knew to do, but it wasn’t enough, he passed a few days later. That was when the trouble with his tank mate began. The fish were obviously attached, and the loss was too much for the little guy

I recently added a Koi to the tub the fish are in, unintentionally; a gift from my grandsons. The two fish have bonded, and the new fish won’t leave the moor’s side now

There’s no symptoms to speak of. He just began tilting to the side. I gave him a salt bath with Oop Boost and green tea. He’s upright at this time, but I don’t think he’s going to make it. Whatever is bothering him has nothing to do with anything I can see or fix. I poured the salt bath in the tub since he responded to it

Moor trouble

I’m sorry to say I don’t have a photograph, and it’s difficult to get a clear shot in the tub the fish are in. His tank mate had serious ammonia burns, a sinking issue, and then later developed lockjaw. I’m attaching a photo of him, ET. Sadly, the poor little guy was plagued. I’m haunted by his loss, caused by my negligence. Guilty as charged

I’ll make updates about his condition


By Venus

Master goldfish keeper