Through the Eyes of a Goldfish

Through the Eyes of a Goldfish…Imagine

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Ever wonder what’s it’s like to be a goldfish? Imagine spending your life in a small container, indoors. Goldfish are better suited for ponds for many reasons, and if we’re going to house them in aquariums we must work a little harder to create a healthy environment to keep them comfortable; making it more like home

Aquarium decorations

Most aquariums are over decorated with thick layers of painted gravel. Most are enclosed; the water too warm, and the oxygen levels too low. Most indoor goldfish keepers consider the aquarium more of an object of beauty for their home; a living decoration instead of an environment for a living creature. If you’re one of the few that have set up a healthy ecosystem for your goldfish, and provide fresh, filtered and oxygenated water with natural stone and vegetation, be it plants or algae, your fish will enjoy a long and healthy life

Aquarium lighting

Fish are so very different than our other pets, but there’s one thing missing on these creatures that most every other animal have, and that’s eyelids. All animals have evolved specifically suited to their environment, and this is the reason fish have no eyelids. In a natural body of water sunlight doesn’t penetrate the depths where our bottom dwelling goldfish normally stay. Keeping their eyes wide open at all times may just help keep them from being attacked by a predator, or help them to see the small fry that swims past offering an easy meal

We love to show off our fish, and most of us have our tanks well lit, however, a bright and sudden light can be stressful and even painful for our fish. Keep your tank in a room that receives natural light, and let the room brighten naturally before turning on the tank light, or…place the light on a dimmer switch for a gradual brightening. Your fish will greatly appreciate the effort

through the eyes of a goldfish

Through the eyes of a goldfish

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