Do Goldfish Freak you out

Do goldfish freak you out? If so, you’re not alone

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Goldfish are beautiful to watch; so soothing. We love to see them streaking from one end of the aquarium to the other, chasing each other round and round, and there’s nothing quite as graceful as a fantail hovering just above the gravel bottom. Their fins are like butterflies in slow motion. Their scales reflect the light, glistening like gemstones

Do goldfish freak you out?

When they gently nibble on our fingertips as we feed them, or if our hand brushes against their bodies; it’s exciting for some of us, but for others, it’s a little scary; the touch of a goldfish. Goldfish do have teeth, but they’re located in the back of their jaws, so their nibbles can’t hurt you

Goldfish are slimy to the touch because their bodies are actually coated in slime. This protective coat keeps them safe from bad bacteria in the water

If you keep goldfish, there’s a good chance the day will come when you’ll have to handle one of them. If a goldfish needs to be inspected closely, or if it needs to be force fed, or perhaps if a fish has a piece of gravel stuck in it’s throat. Some of us may have a goldfish with a wen, such as Oranda or Lionhead. The wen never stops growing, and at some point and time it may need a trim, which calls for handling. Most of us have friends or family we can call for these occasions, but there could come a time that no one else is available, and a fish needs to be handled, but if you’re prepared, you won’t freak out

Handling goldfish

Accidents happen. Tanks have been known to crack or get broken; the fish end up on the floor. Fish have also been known to jump from their tanks during a heated spawning session and other reasons unknown. If you hate the idea of handling your goldfish, you’re not alone. Many people have qualms about it

Do goldfish freak you out?

The best way to get over this fear is to gradually get used to touching your fish. It won’t hurt them, and it certainly won’t hurt you. You may have read that goldfish have slime coats, and if we touch them, the coat may be compromised, but if your fish are in a healthy environment, there’s no risk of infection, and the slime removed by your touch will soon be replaced. You won’t see or feel the slime on your finger after touching them, but nonetheless; it’s there to protect their bodies from infection

Using a net to pick up goldfish

Ever picked up a goldfish in a fish net? Most of us have, but we’ve since learned this isn’t the proper method of handing a fish. The fish thrash about in the net, and can injure themselves in the process. The fish should only be out of water if absolutely necessary. It’s terrifying to the fish, and just as terrifying to some goldfish keepers; seeing them flop aimlessly about

Scooping them up along with some tank water in a container is a much safer method of transferring a fish from one location to the next, and much easier on both goldfish and goldfish keeper

Do goldfish freak you out?
Do goldfish freak you out?

Do goldfish freak you out?

When you feed your goldfish, hold the food in between your finger tips, and make them work for it. Once you and the fish both become accustomed to the touch, take it a step further. Stroke the fish with a finger. Before long, it won’t bother you or the fish, and when this day comes, take it a step further by scooping the fish up with cupped hands; just for an instant, but don’t lift it out of the water

Repeat this process often, and after a while, you and the fish both will become accustomed to the act, and in time, the fish will swim into your hands automatically. Of course, it’s much harder to hold a fish and raise it out of the water, but this practice should only be performed when absolutely necessary, but…if the day should ever come when you have to handle one, you’ll find it will be much easier on you and the fish

Freaked out by goldfish

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Author: Brenda Rand