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Goldfish Koi health issues

Goldfish Koi distress or poor health may be caused by a variety of reasons. The water quality may be poor; low in oxygen and or mineral value. Issues may be related to toxins produced in the nitrogen cycle, or improper feeding habitsWhatever your fish’s issues, copy and past the questions below into your post, and answer each one if possible, and we’ll advise accordingly. Create a post listing symptoms; answer questions below1. What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates2. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)3. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?4. Is your fish house enclosed?5. What and how often do you feed?6. Describe maintenance routine7. Have you used medications or salt recently?8. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?9. Describe behavior and or symptoms10. How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?

pineconing and red blotches

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What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates I used 9 in 1 test strips all was normal except the pH was only 6.2. I added API proper pH 7.0 4 days ago and raised the ph to 7 Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations) I have a 10 gal standard glass tank with Aqueon water filter and pump, two artificial decorations mad for aquariums and natural rock pebbles How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively? My goldfish is about 5 to 6 inches long Is your fish house enclosed? My aquarium has a lid but there is an opening for the pump What and how often do you feed? I feed one time per day Aqueon goldfish granules about 6. Also I have 4 white cloud minnows that I feed Aqueon tropical flakes , just a pinch Describe maintenance routine I change 3 to 5 gal of the water every 7 to 11 days Have you used medications or salt recently? 6 days ago I used Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy every other day for a total of three treatments Do you understand the nitrogen cycle? yes Describe behavior and or symptoms My fish has been acting normal as far as I can tell How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up? I have had my goldfish for 7 years and he has been in this 10gal tank for about 6 months. Before that he had a 5 gal tank I tried to upload a picture but it says its to many pixels

Goldfish has gotten swollen, losing ability to swim upright.

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My Goldfish, Sponge Bob is about 5 years old, its went from a fry rescue to a somewhat regular-sized goldfish that jumped out of the tank twice in its lifetime, once in its infancy that I was able to toss back in right away, the second time it jumped out it was during the winter of 2017 where I found it on the floor for an unknown amount of time on the floor when I found it. I was able to toss it back in and put its mouth onto the water pump to get it breathing again after a few hours it was swimming around wobbly but it was alive. Now it's gotten swollen and listing forward and losing its ability to stay upright. It stays inside the terracotta plant pots to stay upside. when it swims around it has a hard time staying up and tends to go belly up, it rights itself most of the time when it eats. Is there any hope it to be healed or to make its life as comfortable as possible. it has 2 other Goldfish. 120g tank outside. Water parameters with the API Freshwater Master test kit with readings of 0,0,20. Water temps in the 60's. Weekly water changes. Feeding 2 twice a day. Blanched Broccoli every other week. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Video of Goldfish in distress Please let me know if can do anything else to help my goldfish. Thanks. Theo.


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Hi there! Fanny has a small abscess above her right eye. I'm thinking salt bath? She was last salted a few months ago when she had fin rot on her tail. She's still my only fish, so could do the tank, but that's probably overkill, do you think? For the bath, is it one tblspn peer 10 gals water? And 3 minutes? Hope all is well with you, Venus. Cricket

Sick Oranda

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Sick Oranda laying on bottom Sick Oranda. Hello everyone. We have 5 goldfish in a 75 gallon tank. 2 of our fish are Orandas….both about 2.5 years old. We do water changes weekly (or more often as needed) and all parameters are spot on...using a master test kit always. About 3 weeks ago, one of the Orandas (Edward) started floating at the top of the the dead man's float. He's usually active, happy and always moving about. Then, he started laying at the bottom of the tank in an almost comatose state. He only comes out to eat...I hand feed him. While out, he does swim around a little. His wen has grown over his one eye and we're thinking maybe it's the reason he's not hiding and retreating. We've asked everyone at every high end pet store and they all say as long as he's eating not to worry. But, we're very worried and so sad for our little guy. He's really lifeless most of the time. I try to nudge him out and get his to swim about for a little but I don't want to upset him more or scare him. So, yes he's eating and able to swim a little bit but that's it. Any advice would be so much appreciated...we're here at a loss. No fish vets near us or we'd be there. He's obviously very compromised at this point and we're just wanting to get some opinion/advice/suggestion. Ty so much. Sick Oranda

My Golden Friend

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Seven years ago now, I brought home my Oranda Goldfish. After finally convincing my parents that I was responsible enough to have a pet fish, my dad and I made our way to Pets at Home, where we purchased all the necessary equipment and proceeded to pick out a fish. Before we could take a fish home- an employee asked us a few questions: how long we’d had the tank set up for, whether it had a filter, and whether we knew about de-chlorination…etc. To my disappointment we were told that we couldn’t take a fish home yet as we were told that the tank has to be set up for at least 3 days before fish can be introduced. I thought 3 days was a long time but If you understand the ins and outs of cycling, you will know that it takes at least a month for the right amount of good bacteria (in relation to how much waste is produced in the aquarium) to colonize the filter media. We were also recommended a product which claims to kick start the cycle. This is the product description from the Pets at Home website: Fluval Biological Enhancer is a responsive biological aquarium supplement that immediately inoculates aquarium water with a powerful team of beneficial bacteria, providing a safe biological habitat for your fish. This is why I believe this product and products like these, are useless: One of the most fundamental things about cycling is: there needs to be a source of ammonia for the bacteria to feed on in the first place! You can’t just plop some good bacteria (that most likely aren’t even alive as I simply do not think they have access to oxygen or food in their bottle!) into some water and expect them to just live off of nothing. Another important thing you should know is: the amount of bacteria matches to the amount of waste produced by the animal(s) in the tank. You can’t cycle your tank for 1 fish and then add more straight away because there will only be enough bacteria to process waste for 1 fish. The fact that pet stores don’t tell you any of this, just highlights how insidious and malign the pet fish industry can be. They spread false information in order to increase their profits. If companies told people, how to  take care of fish properly, more fish would live out their full lifespans, and as a result less customers would have to come back in order to replace their deceased fish at a less frequent rate - but of course, where’s the profit in that?! So, because of this plethora of misinformation, that screws aspiring fish keepers over, for the first 5 years of my fish’s life, the water quality in his tank was BAD, to say the least. Despite this, my sad fish stayed strong and resisted developing health problems until around 2 years ago (other than the cauliflower like growths on his [...]

Effects of Phosphates on Goldfish

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Effects of phosphates on goldfish can lead to organ failure In the past I've written about organ failure, and the various substances that lead to the condition, however, I've recently learned that phosphates can also be included on the list. Most of us have phosphorus in our tap water, and most of use tap water as our freshwater source for our fish Phosphates may be higher in some regions due to the mineral being indigenous, however, it's used to create suds in detergents, shampoos and other soaps we use daily, which leads to higher concentrations in our drinking water. Excluding distilled water, most bottled water contains the mineral Organ failure in goldfish Most of the processed fish foods we feed contain some form of phosphates, along with other foods as well, including peas. Peas contain high levels of phosphorus. We knew that peas contained purines, which are hard on the kidneys, but now we have another reason to worry if they are a smart choice. Peas should definitely not be fed as complete diet, as so many do in the industry. I will continue to feed, but in moderation. Peas are leaned on in the industry because they're high in roughage, and assist in keeping the digestive tract healthy Safe phosphorus levels are considered as ranging from 0.005 to 0.05 mg/L I've added this tid bit to my article Poisoning our fish, and have started a list of items found in tap water that could poison our fish. Let me know if you can think of other items to add Most cities have water reports available online Understanding the water your fish live in will help you help them live longer. Some of us have chloramines in our tap water, which is ammonia and chlorine combined. It's not uncommon to find nitrates in some city water, but especially if you're on a well. Old homes with lead or copper pipes could lead to high levels in your tap water; something that may not show on your water report. Allowing the tap to run for 5 minutes before filling the freshwater bucket will help clean most contaminates from the water Water treatment that converts toxins, metals, as well as phosphates are available at most pet shops, although water treatments should be used with caution. The treatments work by bonding to the agent, making it less soluble. This keeps the fish from absorbing the agent into the blood stream If you need help reading your water report, post it here. We learn so much from the information provided by our water service department. You can call them if the information isn't listed. They're glad to help, and most enjoy the chat

Goldfish trouble

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Goldfish trouble after moving fish Goldfish trouble first began a few weeks ago when I moved fish from 2 gallon to 5 gallon set up. The new set up has a filtering system, and there is gravel on the bottom. I feed two or three times a day. The fish are each close to 2 1/2" from head to tail. There's no top of the tank. It's a hand me down aquarium and the lid if cracked so I trashed it. I haven't medicated because I don't know what's wrong with the fish. Goldfish trouble I add little salt to the fresh water every time I clean the aquarium, but just a sprinkle. I heard this keeps the water from going bad. I clean the entire aquarium once a month adding fresh water with water treatment that removes chlorine. Trouble with goldfish The fish were happy in the 2 gallon aquarium, but I knew they were growing and needed more space. They were okay for the first week, and now they're quiet and won't eat or swim around. It looks like their colors are fading if that helps. I've tried to take photos but they're blurry and you can't really see the fish very well Both fish are called shubunkins. They're really beautiful, and I'm greatly attached to them, so any help I can get would be much appreciated. I don't have a test kit. Not sure what to get or what I need in that department.

Goldfish looking sickly

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What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates? Test kit on order. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations) 20 gallon, 18" tall, HOB filter, not sure what substrate is, two plastic plants, clay flower pot for the fish to hide in. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively? 6" combined from nose to tail. Is your fish house enclosed? Did have a lid, but now removed. What and how often do you feed? I feed twice a day. Describe maintenance routine. I remove and replace 20% of the fish water once a week. Have you used medications or salt recently? I use MelaFix every time I change water. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle? I just read the 10 Steps, and realize I didn't know what it meant. I wonder if this why my fish haven't lived very long. I've never tested nitrates, but I ordered a test kit. Describe behavior and or symptoms. A couple of my fish spend a lot of time at the surface, and one spends most of her time on the bottom. How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up? I've had the aquarium set up for three years, but lost all of my fish over a year ago, and have replaced them. I read the 10 steps to goldfish keeping, and was astounded at the stuff I didn't know. I opened the top of my aquarium up so it is now getting air at the surface. I bought a pH test kit, and it says either 7.2 or 7.4 ppm. Is that okay? I ordered a test kit online for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I will test these when it arrives and post again. I've also bought a 150 pond pump online. Thanks for any advice you can offer, Jenny

Sickening youtube video

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Sickening youtube video will keep me up at night I stumbled across a youtube video the other day that gives me nightmares. This guy was showing how to cure a floating issue. He's using a hypodermic needle to extract air from the swim bladder organ. I couldn't believe my eyes The fish he treats will now be laying helplessly on the bottom of the tank, still constipated of course The swim bladder organ is connected to the intestinal tract by a tiny tube where Co2 (gas created from waste) is exchanged. If the tract slows, the fish becomes overly buoyant. If the tract becomes impacted, the fish may float to the surface depending on how much gas is trapped in the bladder This is the best reason I know to feed less food more often. Goldfish in the wild evolved as constant grazers, and have no stomach to speak of. Food is hard to come by, so they spend the day searching for any morsel they can find. Their diet consist mostly of vegetation which is high in roughage Goldfish digest their food within a matter of hours, and once the food is out of their tract, there's no gas for the bladder to utilize. Some goldfish keepers withhold food in an effort to reduce floating issues, but this isn't the cure. Feeding tiny meals throughout the day keeps the tract moving with a constant supply of gas to the bladder, but it also keeps our fish happy. Their entire day evolves around food, and feeding only once or twice a day makes for a boring day and a hungry one Read more about Floating and Sinking Issues


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I'm going through fancy goldfish withdrawl. lol I've lost all the fancies I've bought over the last 5 years or so. None of them lived two years in my tank, although I tried to be the best fish keeper I could be. There have been seven or so of them; all beautiful, all very expensive and all of them now buried in my garden. I've used natural methods and, when desperate, have resorted to antibiotics; all to no avail. I've tried buying from different breeders. I lost my last one, a stunning oranda, about a month ago; to the same kind of dropsy-like symptoms most of them died of. Didn't even have him 9 months. My dime store fantails, on the other hand, have all lived for at least 5 years. I have one remaining and she is 8. So when the oranda died, I made the decision to give up on the fancies. Maybe someday, when I have a ginormous tank of 150 gals or more, I'll try them again, but otherwise, it's the hardier varieties for me. It's a hard habit to break, however and I'm jonesing for another fancy. I have to keep reminding myself of why I'm not getting another one. So, right now, it's just my little orange fantail in my 50 gal tank. I've been looking for another fantail to keep her company. The problem is that they're all so small - fry basically - in the stores and online. She's about 5 inches, nose to end of tail and I don't want her to eat the company. lol I did see some larger fantails online, but they were $80. No thank you. That's part of my new decision - no more very expensive fish. So, if anyone knows of a cheap source of 4 inch fantails, please let me know.

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