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Goldfish Koi health issues

Goldfish Koi distress or poor health may be caused by a variety of reasons. The water quality may be poor; low in oxygen and or mineral value. Issues may be related to toxins produced in the nitrogen cycle, or improper feeding habitsWhatever your fish’s issues, copy and past the questions below into your post, and answer each one if possible, and we’ll advise accordingly. Create a post listing symptoms; answer questions below1. What are your water parameters GH, KH, pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates2. Describe your set up (size, height, filters and pumps, substrate, decorations)3. How many inches of goldfish do you have collectively?4. Is your fish house enclosed?5. What and how often do you feed?6. Describe maintenance routine7. Have you used medications or salt recently?8. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle?9. Describe behavior and or symptoms10. How long have you had your fish and or fish house set up?

Sickening youtube video


Sickening youtube video will keep me up at night I stumbled across a youtube video the other day that gives me nightmares. This guy was showing how to cure a floating issue. He's using a hypodermic needle to extract air from the swim bladder organ. I couldn't believe my eyes The fish he treats will now be laying helplessly on the bottom of the tank, still constipated of course The swim bladder organ is connected to the intestinal tract by a tiny tube where Co2 (gas created from waste) is exchanged. If the tract slows, the fish becomes overly buoyant. If the tract becomes impacted, the fish may float to the surface depending on how much gas is trapped in the bladder This is the best reason I know to feed less food more often. Goldfish in the wild evolved as constant grazers, and have no stomach to speak of. Food is hard to come by, so they spend the day searching for any morsel they can find. Their diet consist mostly of vegetation which is high in roughage Goldfish digest their food within a matter of hours, and once the food is out of their tract, there's no gas for the bladder to utilize. Some goldfish keepers withhold food in an effort to reduce floating issues, but this isn't the cure. Feeding tiny meals throughout the day keeps the tract moving with a constant supply of gas to the bladder, but it also keeps our fish happy. Their entire day evolves around food, and feeding only once or twice a day makes for a boring day and a hungry one Read more about Floating and Sinking Issues

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I'm going through fancy goldfish withdrawl. lol I've lost all the fancies I've bought over the last 5 years or so. None of them lived two years in my tank, although I tried to be the best fish keeper I could be. There have been seven or so of them; all beautiful, all very expensive and all of them now buried in my garden. I've used natural methods and, when desperate, have resorted to antibiotics; all to no avail. I've tried buying from different breeders. I lost my last one, a stunning oranda, about a month ago; to the same kind of dropsy-like symptoms most of them died of. Didn't even have him 9 months. My dime store fantails, on the other hand, have all lived for at least 5 years. I have one remaining and she is 8. So when the oranda died, I made the decision to give up on the fancies. Maybe someday, when I have a ginormous tank of 150 gals or more, I'll try them again, but otherwise, it's the hardier varieties for me. It's a hard habit to break, however and I'm jonesing for another fancy. I have to keep reminding myself of why I'm not getting another one. So, right now, it's just my little orange fantail in my 50 gal tank. I've been looking for another fantail to keep her company. The problem is that they're all so small - fry basically - in the stores and online. She's about 5 inches, nose to end of tail and I don't want her to eat the company. lol I did see some larger fantails online, but they were $80. No thank you. That's part of my new decision - no more very expensive fish. So, if anyone knows of a cheap source of 4 inch fantails, please let me know.

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Goldfish with I think empacted eggs


I have a 240 gal tank with 4 fancies, 2 boys 2 girls. Before Christmas one of the girls was experiencing buoyancy problems floating 45' with tail up, this went away then soon after I found some baby fry. I didn't see the eggs I guess most were eaten. I now have 2 baby goldfish in a separate 90 gal tank and they are doing very well and growing quickly. Not long after the girl started to get the same 45' floating and was also being harassed by the boys (spots on gills) so I guessed she had another load of eggs. But since then her problems have been getting worst and worse. she started bulging on one side and starting to sink. Now she is mostly lying on the bottom of the tank. she can wiggle swim a little when she wants, but other wise just lays there. She has a protruding lump one side that's fairly firm to the touch. She kept being hassled by the boys even in this state, and nothing happened, so I have moved her into the tank with the babies. A, N and N all 0, PH 7.5. external filter on the large tank. Feed adults Japan gold, peas and bloodworms, Babies are on liquify powder and no 1, first bites and baby daphnia. I'm doing weekly 1/3 water changes on both tanks. Any suggestions very welcome on how to treat her. Blink

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Back to the basics. Need help with sick fish.. Here is the full story.


Please help. I have had goldfish most of my life with little to no problems. Boy was I lucky….  7 years ago I moved out to the middle of Wisconsin farm country.  I had a few near tragedies over first few years.  Then out of nowhere in 2016 my largest comet’s veins in his tail turn bright red and he curls up.  I tried many water changes, staying up late at night etc.  I eventually put him out of his misery much to my own misery.  I brought water from the tank to be tested at the pet shop when I first noticed the sickness.  They said it was high nitrates.  I eventually tested my water from the tap and the aquarium specimen side by side.  I was unable to discern one from the other!  My tap water has high nitrates. After I lost that goldfish I sent a water sample from the faucet into the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Here are the results of that test: This is the most recent data I have for the quality of my tap water. I reached out via the contact link on this page. Here is a rundown of my operation.  I have lost my way and need some help.  Starting with the basics. I have 1 sarassa comet (approx. 16”) 1 Common goldfish (approx. 12”) along with a black moor I also have a brushy nose Plecostomus and a regular one too. 5 fish total.  This is them on any given day All these guys live in an 210 gallon All Glass brand aquarium with dual over flows. I have approximately 2-3 inches of small rock substrate (similar size to coarse rock salt) a few decorative rocks, an old stump, and a single strand of a broad leafy plant (alive) but unknown type at the time of this writing.  I have used salt in the past (as directed on the API brand container) but got away from its use, and am now back using it. I have 2 Fluval FX5 canister filters doing my hard work. In each of those canisters has all of the original foam filters.  Each of the 3 baskets in each filter has a decent sized mesh bag of Seachem Matrix bio media stones.  Due to the high nitrates in the water I have used a total of 4 pouches of Seachem Purigen (2 in each filter).  I rely on the agitation across the surface from the pump output for oxygenation.  That is it for filtration. I have a LED light bar that I set on a timer for evening light for a handful of hours. The tank is in the basement and stay nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I maintain great natural temperature year round. Cleaning- I have got behind before in this department. The tank has never appeared green, cloudy, or gross at all.  Please do not judge….but when our 3rd child was born I went [...]

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Sick Ryukin


Sick Ryukin floating Sick ryukin has been floating off and on for over a month. He has 2-3 good days then 1-2 days when he hangs at the surface, dorsal out of the water, looking miserable, with limp fins. I think it's digestion related. He doesn't appear to be pooping much at all. Cure sick goldfish I've tried: tonics: astralagus, mint, ginger, aloe. oiling: I oiled him a few times and the last time, about 2 weeks ago, he flipped upside down for about 8-9 hours. I thought I had killed him. When he flipped over, I saw bloody areas under the skin on his abdomen. I threw him into an antibiotic tub thinking he was septic. The blood cleared up, I cleared him and put him back into the tank. It was while he was in the tub that I noticed very little pooping going on. He eats and not much comes out. I'm feeding him only gel food - tiny bits at a time so as not to overload him. 4 times/day. Goldfish bobbing surface I just ordered the floating remedy. Maybe I should have chosen digestive therapy? What do you recommend? Same 48 gal tank, now with 3 fish. Parameters are good. I have tons of algae now, both in the scrubber and on the tank walls. Temp 71-73. Goldfish floating surface

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