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Goldfish Bottom sitting indicates nitrates are too high

Goldfish bottom sitting due to high nitrates. Nitrates lessen the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream causing pressure. In an effort to relieve the pressure, fish press to bottom. Water pressure or weight, relieves the pressure caused by nitrates. Another symptom that accompanies goldfish bottom sitting is lack of appetite

Nitrates can be tolerated in low amounts, unlike ammonia and nitrites

Goldfish pressed to bottom

The comfort zone for nitrates is 20 to 40 ppm (parts per million)

Test for nitrates regularly 

Goldfish curl to one side, due to nitrates increasing. All fish poisoned by nitrates need deep water. People often perform a large water change too quickly when they notice their fish are sick. The sudden change in water depth combined with the sudden change in nitrate  worsens the condition

Nitrates are a death chamber for goldfish in water low in oxygen

Goldfish 911

Goldfish trouble

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Goldfish trouble after moving fish Goldfish trouble first began a few weeks ago when I moved fish from 2 gallon to 5 gallon set up. The new set up has a filtering system, and there is gravel on the bottom. I feed two or three times a day. The fish are each close to 2 1/2" from head to tail. There's no top of the tank. It's a hand me down aquarium and the lid if cracked so I trashed it. I haven't medicated because I don't know what's wrong with the fish. Goldfish trouble I add little salt to the fresh water every time I clean the aquarium, but just a sprinkle. I heard this keeps the water from going bad. I clean the entire aquarium once a month adding fresh water with water treatment that removes chlorine. Trouble with goldfish The fish were happy in the 2 gallon aquarium, but I knew they were growing and needed more space. They were okay for the first week, and now they're quiet and won't eat or swim around. It looks like their colors are fading if that helps. I've tried to take photos but they're blurry and you can't really see the fish very well Both fish are called shubunkins. They're really beautiful, and I'm greatly attached to them, so any help I can get would be much appreciated. I don't have a test kit. Not sure what to get or what I need in that department.

Lethargic goldfish

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Lethargic goldfish isn't happy Lethargic goldfish is staying in one spot of the tank. He has been this way for about 1 month now. He still moves to feed but returns to the same spot and when watching him, his breathing appears very slow. We are going to buy a test kit this evening and I will post the results in hopes that someone knows how to help us. We rescued this fish 9 years ago from a wedding when he was a mere center piece decoration. Goldfish bottom sitting We never imagined having him 9 years later so we are supporting and caring for him as best we can. I only have a video so will post some photos to follow this afternoon. He is about 7" long and 2" wide, he's always been a happy and healthy looking fish so not sure what's changed or what we're doing wrong now. He is in a 10 gallon tank and we know that it should be triple that for one goldfish but we are in the process of retiring 4 hours north of our city home and don't have to resources to have a 30 gallon tank. ANY advice or suggestions are very welcome and thank you SO much in advance, we love him dearly! Goldfish needs help

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