Lethargic goldfish

//Lethargic goldfish

Lethargic goldfish

Lethargic goldfish isn’t happy

Lethargic goldfish is staying in one spot of the tank. He has been this way for about 1 month now. He still moves to feed but returns to the same spot and when watching him, his breathing appears very slow. We are going to buy a test kit this evening and I will post the results in hopes that someone knows how to help us. We rescued this fish 9 years ago from a wedding when he was a mere center piece decoration.

Goldfish bottom sitting

We never imagined having him 9 years later so we are supporting and caring for him as best we can. I only have a video so will post some photos to follow this afternoon. He is about 7″ long and 2″ wide, he’s always been a happy and healthy looking fish so not sure what’s changed or what we’re doing wrong now. He is in a 10 gallon tank and we know that it should be triple that for one goldfish but we are in the process of retiring 4 hours north of our city home and don’t have to resources to have a 30 gallon tank. ANY advice or suggestions are very welcome and thank you SO much in advance, we love him dearly!

Goldfish needs help


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  1. Venus November 29, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Looks like nitrates are lower; that’s good. So no more 100% water changes; right? Exchange 5% every half hour or so instead. Try keeping levels where they are, or even a little lower

    Keep the water table as high as possible

    Good to hear you’re going to add the pond pump; I’m persuasive lol

    Get one that pushes 125 gph or so

    The water at the new place may be okay, or it may need buffering. The only way to tell is to test KH, GH and pH. It’s likely the fish had acclimation issues, and the trip may take its toll on the fish is it’s not transported properly. Keep fish chilled at 55f and in an ice chest. Transport as much as the tank water as possible, and keep the pumps wet at all times, and in fish water

    Yes, a lot of time and excellent water

    Is the fish still eating? Feed consistently no matter if it shows interest. When you feed your fish, you’re feeding your friendly bugs

    Maybe your parents will consider getting a bigger container after the move. I have fish in a stock tank and fish in plastic totes. In a larger environment, the fish will feel happier, and maintenance will be easier. Remind them that 100% water changes are a thing of the past

    Premix 1 ounce of H202 and 1 teaspoon of soda in a gallon of fish house water; pour in slowly and all around, mixing with your hand as you do so, and then continue gently blending, mixing it well. Test KH, and report back. Build levels gradually so as not to go over the goal; 120 to 140 ppm

    Yes. Get 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

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