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Goldfish needs help call 911 Hotline

Goldfish needs help if in distress or showing symptoms. Fish behaving abnormally should be diagnosed and treated. How to tell if goldfish is in distress? Unusual behavior is easy to spot if you’ve had your fish for any length of time

Do you see your fish spending most of its time at the surface? If so, this isn’t normal. Hiding isn’t normal either. Look at the fish’s body also. Are the scales and fins healthy? Does the fish have normal mouth and fill movement? Look for signs of sickness. Healthy fish are eager to eat and unless they’re resting, searching for food. Eating is their favorite pastime

The eyes should be clear, the fish alert and responsive

The goldfish body should not be swollen or fat, however, it shouldn’t be too thin either

Learn everything you can about the symptoms goldfish exhibit when sick or unhealthy. It’s vital for their happiness and health to learn everything you can about their habitat as well. Healthy fish live in healthy water rich in mineral value. Cold water, heavily oxygenated is the key

If your fish needs help we can help you diagnose symptoms and treat

Goldfish trouble

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Goldfish trouble after moving fish Goldfish trouble first began a few weeks ago when I moved fish from 2 gallon to 5 gallon set up. The new set up has a filtering system, and there is gravel on the bottom. I feed two or three times a day. The fish are each close to 2 1/2" from head to tail. There's no top of the tank. It's a hand me down aquarium and the lid if cracked so I trashed it. I haven't medicated because I don't know what's wrong with the fish. Goldfish trouble I add little salt to the fresh water every time I clean the aquarium, but just a sprinkle. I heard this keeps the water from going bad. I clean the entire aquarium once a month adding fresh water with water treatment that removes chlorine. Trouble with goldfish The fish were happy in the 2 gallon aquarium, but I knew they were growing and needed more space. They were okay for the first week, and now they're quiet and won't eat or swim around. It looks like their colors are fading if that helps. I've tried to take photos but they're blurry and you can't really see the fish very well Both fish are called shubunkins. They're really beautiful, and I'm greatly attached to them, so any help I can get would be much appreciated. I don't have a test kit. Not sure what to get or what I need in that department.

Lethargic goldfish

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Lethargic goldfish isn't happy Lethargic goldfish is staying in one spot of the tank. He has been this way for about 1 month now. He still moves to feed but returns to the same spot and when watching him, his breathing appears very slow. We are going to buy a test kit this evening and I will post the results in hopes that someone knows how to help us. We rescued this fish 9 years ago from a wedding when he was a mere center piece decoration. Goldfish bottom sitting We never imagined having him 9 years later so we are supporting and caring for him as best we can. I only have a video so will post some photos to follow this afternoon. He is about 7" long and 2" wide, he's always been a happy and healthy looking fish so not sure what's changed or what we're doing wrong now. He is in a 10 gallon tank and we know that it should be triple that for one goldfish but we are in the process of retiring 4 hours north of our city home and don't have to resources to have a 30 gallon tank. ANY advice or suggestions are very welcome and thank you SO much in advance, we love him dearly! Goldfish needs help

Goldfish Needs Help

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Goldfish needs help if exhibiting symptoms Buy the book Goldfish needs help asap. Bad bacteria are everywhere just waiting for an opportunity. Bad bugs thrive in water low in oxygen and warm, whereas goldfish and beneficial bacteria prefer the opposite environment. Cold and heavily oxygenated water however, helps to create a healthy ecosystem. Goldfish needs help if it has missing scales or rotting fins Koi needs help Healthy goldfish live in healthy water. Learn everything you can about your fish and the environment they live in. All too often, new fish are poisoned by ammonia, the first toxin to form in the nitrogen cycle. Ammonia, created from waste is deadly. Beneficial bacteria form to feed on ammonia, converting it into yet another toxin, nitrites and then into nitrates, creating a safe ecosystem Please help goldfish Unaware, the cycle takes place in the new set up. The fish is first poisoned by ammonia and then nitrites. If the cycle becomes established; meaning the goldfish owner doesn't scrub the tank down regularly, nitrates begin to build, and often to dangerous amounts. If the owner is cleaning the tank, the fish will be poisoned by ammonia again and again, until...... Koi needs help The set ups we keep our goldfish in are designed for tropical fish, not goldfish. This doesn't mean it won't work, it just means in order to keep them healthy, a few changes will have to be made. Trade the filter for a real pond pump. Remove the top. Learn everything you can about goldfish and what their needs are The fish in the photo below were suffering from oxygen deprivation. Now a pond pump has been installed and the top removed, yet their still at the surface. Reason being, the KH levels are low. KH gives water the ability to support oxygen, making for a low pH. KH combined with oxygen makes up pH. After KH was raised, the fish rest comfortably on the bottom where they belong goldfish needs help Perform a life saving water change by clicking here For bad bacteria infection 911 refer to: Bacteria, Friend or Foe Oxygenating Water For Bad bacteria infection 911 recommend the following Oop Boost Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy Read the 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Care and follow each step to improve the ecosystem in your fish house Goldfish needs help Back to Diagnose symptoms and treat All rights Author: Brenda Rand

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