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Cure Sick goldfish by improving the health in it’s environment

Sick goldfish are typically living in sick water. Ignorance is no excuse of poor goldfish keeping. Unlike we’ve been led to believe, goldfish cannot survive for long in goldfish bowls. These marvelous fish need water that is rich in oxygen and minerals. If you want to cure sick goldfish, cure the water they live in

Help sick goldfish

Nine times out of ten, goldfish are suffering from water low in oxygen in an environment that may not be cycled. Ammonia or nitrites may be present. If the aquarium has completed the nitrogen cycle, nitrates may have risen too high. In most cases, the goldfish keeper is unaware of the cycle

You may have been led to believe that goldfish live in bowls. You may have heard that feeding them amounts to sprinkling flakes on the surface once or twice a day. Maybe you think the bowl needs cleaning when it becomes clouded, but none of these things are true

If you are going to keep goldfish, keep them well by learning the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Sick Ryukin


Sick Ryukin floating Sick ryukin has been floating off and on for over a month. He has 2-3 good days then 1-2 days when he hangs at the surface, dorsal out of the water, looking miserable, with limp fins. I think it's digestion related. He doesn't appear to be pooping much at all. Cure sick goldfish I've tried: tonics: astralagus, mint, ginger, aloe. oiling: I oiled him a few times and the last time, about 2 weeks ago, he flipped upside down for about 8-9 hours. I thought I had killed him. When he flipped over, I saw bloody areas under the skin on his abdomen. I threw him into an antibiotic tub thinking he was septic. The blood cleared up, I cleared him and put him back into the tank. It was while he was in the tub that I noticed very little pooping going on. He eats and not much comes out. I'm feeding him only gel food - tiny bits at a time so as not to overload him. 4 times/day. Goldfish bobbing surface I just ordered the floating remedy. Maybe I should have chosen digestive therapy? What do you recommend? Same 48 gal tank, now with 3 fish. Parameters are good. I have tons of algae now, both in the scrubber and on the tank walls. Temp 71-73. Goldfish floating surface

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