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Goldfish floating surface related to constipation or inflamed tract

Goldfish floating surface related to constipation or inflamed tract. Improper feeding habits cause constipation. Common mistakes are sprinkling flakes on the surface, or dropping dry pellets into the fish house. Dry food is difficult for fish to digest. Moisten flakes by holding with fingers for a few moments before releasing. Release in a sweeping motion to keep the fish from goring

Feed less more often

Constant grazers by nature, in the wild goldfish feed morning till night; a nibble here and a gobble there. This is how we should feed them. Feed small amounts consistently throughout the day. This method feeding is important for another reason. Goldfish need carbon dioxide in their tracts at all time

Carbon dioxide, a gas created by waste in the intestines is utilized by the swim bladder. This gas gives  fish the ability to sink or rise at will. There must be a steady supply of gas in order for the bladder to function

Inflamed tissue is another reason the gas exchanged is blocked. This condition is normally caused by Kidney failure. When kidneys become weak, they slowly stop filtering fluids in the body. In time, the fish’s tissue swells

Diagnose symptoms and treat


Sick Ryukin

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Sick Ryukin floating Sick ryukin has been floating off and on for over a month. He has 2-3 good days then 1-2 days when he hangs at the surface, dorsal out of the water, looking miserable, with limp fins. I think it's digestion related. He doesn't appear to be pooping much at all. Cure sick goldfish I've tried: tonics: astralagus, mint, ginger, aloe. oiling: I oiled him a few times and the last time, about 2 weeks ago, he flipped upside down for about 8-9 hours. I thought I had killed him. When he flipped over, I saw bloody areas under the skin on his abdomen. I threw him into an antibiotic tub thinking he was septic. The blood cleared up, I cleared him and put him back into the tank. It was while he was in the tub that I noticed very little pooping going on. He eats and not much comes out. I'm feeding him only gel food - tiny bits at a time so as not to overload him. 4 times/day. Goldfish bobbing surface I just ordered the floating remedy. Maybe I should have chosen digestive therapy? What do you recommend? Same 48 gal tank, now with 3 fish. Parameters are good. I have tons of algae now, both in the scrubber and on the tank walls. Temp 71-73. Goldfish floating surface

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