Dying Goldfish

Dead or dying goldfish

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Dying goldfish or a dying Koi is devastating. The fish may be in water low in oxygen and mineral value or it may be in water that is high in ammonia, nitrite or nitrates. Some goldfish die because their fish house is infected with bad bacteria and so are they. There are too many reasons to list that goldfish die, and some of these reasons are out of our control, but most of them can be avoided if you know how to care for goldfish properly

If your fish is dead or dying, try reviving it with this life saving salt bath

Goldfish upside down on bottom

In most cases, we know the fish is sick, and that something is wrong. The goldfish is dying or even dead. Most goldfish keepers take action, but the wrong kind of action. They perform a giant water change or add medications and salts, and in most cases, this is not what the fish needs. Every sick fish and healthy fish alike will benefit from a water change, but only if it’s properly performed

Sick goldfish respond to heavily oxygenated water added to a salt bath

Most people believe that goldfish has short life spans. They’re unaware of the nitrogen cycle, and new goldfish are often poisoned by ammonia and or nitrite. They’re unaware that goldfish need oxygen, and unaware how to provide it. It’s often too late when they find out how to properly care for their fish. Learn everything you can about your fish. Goldfish need water that is cold, heavily oxygenate and rich in mineral value

Revive goldfish

Perform thisĀ Life saving water change

Dead Goldfish

dying goldfishLearn how to keep this from happening to your fish by following

the 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping

Sick dying goldfish

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