Goldfish bobbing

Goldfish bobbing at surface and floating aimlessly

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Goldfish bobbing at the surface may be suffering from an impacted intestinal tract. Most goldfish keepers feed only once or two times a day, sprinkling dry flakes on the surface. They may feed floating pellets, designed to bring fish to the top of a pond for viewing. Always pre soak pellets and pre moisten flakes before feeding. Dry foods swell in the tract, causing the fish to become constipated

Feed in a sweeping motion as you release to discourage gorging

Feed a variety of foods that include veggies. Goldfish need a diet high in roughage due to the fact they have a fast digestive tract; 2 to 4 hrs. Feed your fish less more often to avoid constipation

Goldfish floating surface

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The swim bladder organ is connected to the intestinal tract by a small tube. It uses the gases being created by waste in the tract to function. If the gas becomes blocked in the tract by waste, the fish cannot sink at will. The more severe the case, the higher the fish floats. Fish at the surface are fully impacted, and should not be forced to the bottom which could cause the bladder to rupture

Goldfish upside down surface

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Goldfish bobbing

The symptoms normally start out lightly with the fish looking a little too buoyant, bouncing more than swimming. It struggles to stay down at the bottom, and as soon as it stops struggling, it floats up against its will

Goldfish bobbing
Goldfish bobbing
Goldfish uncontrolled swimming


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