10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping

Follow the 10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping 

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10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping offers methods that are founded on many years of experience that have been proven with outstanding results. The theory is simple, by recreating their ancestor’s natural environment, the cold and fast moving rivers of China, our goldfish can and will thrive in an aquarium or pond. Centuries ago, and still today; the Chinese displayed their goldfish in glass bowls much to the delight of their guests, but the goldfish were quickly returned to their ponds after the party was over. This could very well have started the ‘goldfish in a bowl’ tradition, and with dire consequences

Goldfish Keeping

Even a pond isn’t the goldfish’s natural environment. When we place them in aquariums or small ponds we must go to great lengths to keep them healthy by making certain their water is rich in minerals and oxygen value

Something all freshwater fish share is the need for healthy water. If you follow these golden rules, 10 steps goldfish Koi keeping, you will not only create the perfect ecosystem for your goldfish or Koi. They will live up to their full potential in growth and life expectancy. Study each and every critical step thoroughly and learn how to maintain your goldfish or Koi house. Learn everything you can, and your fish will flourish in the natural environment you create, bringing you, your family and friends lasting joy

Goldfish Care

It will take more than a quick read to understand fully the 10 Steps to goldfish and Koi keeping. Study each and every critical step thoroughly and learn how to maintain your set up. You should never have to perform a 100% water change; never have to disinfect your tank or equipment ever again. Mother Nature knows best

10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping

10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping

You may want to start with the 10 EASY Steps Goldfish Keeping(short version) for the how to. When you’re ready, or if you’re a quick learner, the full version (see below) offers the how to’s and the why for’s

Step 1 Goldfish Koi House

Step 2 Nitrogen Cycle Explained

Step 3 Gravel Vacuum substrate

Step 4 Freshwater Source

Step 5 Water Treatment

Step 6 Oxygenating Water

Step 7 Pond Pumps

Step 8 Water Changes

Step 9 Testing Water Parameters

Step 10 Feeding Our Fish

GLOSSARY of Fish Terms


Goldfish Anatomy

10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping

  • Items recommended
    1.   Goldfish house
    2.   Fresh water tub
    3.   Substrate (natural pea gravel)
    4.   Gravel vacuum (python)
    5.   Water treatment
    6.   Pond pump (sized for goldfish house)
    7.   Parameter Test kit
    8.   Thermometer

If you’re a kid or even a kid at heart, have fun coloring, reading stories and learning the Golden Goldfish Rules

Be a Goldfish KID

10 steps goldfish koi keeping
The Goldfish Kid

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