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Goldfish keeping is a wonderful hobby

Goldfish keeping is a wonderful hobby, however, be prepared to spend a little money and hard labor also. There’s nothing as rewarding as caring for animals, although goldfish often get sick and die. The information you’ll read is inaccurate or misleading

Pet shops sell aquarium set ups designed for tropical fish to goldfish keepers. Most of these aquariums also come equipped with filtering systems that aren’t right for goldfish. The pet shop clerks will sell you medications when your fish get sick. Made up of dangerous chemicals, the medications will push your fish over the edge, as well as your ecosystem

It’s heart breaking

Instead of depending on pet shop info and pet shop treatments, give your fish the respect they deserve. Create a set up close to nature. The surface should be exposed to fresh air. Toss the filter and replace it with a real pond pump. Replace the painted pet shop gravel with natural pea gravel

The only thing you need from the pet shop is water treatment to convert toxins and chloramines

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping


10 Easy Steps Goldfish Keeping

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 10 Easy STEPS Goldfish Keeping make it simple Buy the Book 10 easy steps goldfish keeping are easy to read and follow The theory is simple, by recreating their ancestor’s natural environment, the cold and fast moving rivers of China, our goldfish will thrive in an aquarium or pond. Learn everything you can about goldfish keeping Centuries ago, and still today, the Chinese displayed their goldfish in glass bowls much to the delight of their guests, but the goldfish were quickly returned to their ponds after the party was over. This could very well have started the ‘goldfish in a bowl’ tradition, and with dire consequences. Follow 10 Easy Steps to create the perfect ecosystem for your goldfish, and they will live up to their full potential in growth and life expectancy Goldfish Care Equipment and Supplies needed; Goldfish container; water pump & sponge; Water treatment; Freshwater tub; Gravel vacuum or python; Natural pea gravel; Goldfish food; Parameters test kit and thermometer Goldfish are delicate creatures. Their environment is a complex ecosystem that must be perfectly balanced. The tiny goldfish you bring home will double in size within a few short weeks, and by the end of the first year could easily measure 2" in length; averaging 1” per year. If their growth is not stunted by close quarters they’ll keep growing for most of their life which averages 16 years, and some live for much longer, growing much larger Goldfish information Goldfish need room to grow. The water they live in should be filtered and oxygenated. Even a large aquarium is not a natural environment for goldfish. They are more at home in shallow water that has plenty of surface area with plenty of surface activity, such as water fountains and falls. Compromises must be made if these creatures are to be housed successfully in our homes 10 easy steps goldfish keeping Goldfish keeping 10 Easy Steps Goldfish Keeping GOLDFISH House Step 1 House your goldfish in a fancy aquarium, a flower pot or even a rubber tub. The most important factors in choosing a container is that it is large enough, strong enough to hold water and free of contaminants, having more surface area and less depth. Some goldfish are sensitive to water pressure  Minimum stocking level 2.5 gallons of water per 1” of body length If you have an indoor goldfish house, locate it a place that doesn’t receive too much sunlight; a room that stays cool year round. The top should be open and exposed to fresh air Use aquarium safe decorations and natural gravel. Make sure plants are nontoxic and free of infection 10 Easy Steps to Goldfish Keeping NITROGEN Cycle Step 2 Goldfish make waste, which plays a big role in helping Mother Nature create a healthy ecosystem for them to live in. Ammonia, a deadly toxin, is created from waste. When ammonia is present, and the environment is right, beneficial bacteria form to feed on the toxin, converting it into nitrite Nitrites attract another [...]

Goldfish Koi House

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What kind of goldfish house is right for you and your fish? STEP 1 Buy the book Goldfish Koi House can be any container that's clean, appropriately sized and strong enough to hold water. What size goldfish house do your fish need? Goldfish average 16 years living in a healthy environment, however, some live for much longer, growing much larger. Start with a goldfish house adequately sized. Goldfish will easily reach 2" their first year, averaging 1" per year Recommended STOCKING LEVEL 2.5 gallons of water per 1" of body Recommended water minimum DEPTH; body length of largest fish from nose to tail base Koi grow three times as large, requiring three times the space Size fish house appropriately, so that water parameters remain consistent. With proper care and proper housing a common goldfish could easily out live your dog or cat Goldfish Housing There are many styles and sizes of aquariums on the market today, however, keep in mind when choosing a fish house that goldfish require less depth and more surface area. The majority of aquariums are designed for tropical fish; not goldfish Goldfish houses with small surface area compared to the body of water need increased water movement. Depth of water should not be less than the length of the longest fish from nose to tail Suitable tank mates for goldfish Separate the smallest fish from the largest. Goldfish are omnivorous. They will eat anything that fits in their mouth, including other goldfish. The same holds true with Koi. Even though these fish form attachments to other fish, their natural instinct to survive in the wild drives them to nibble at anything and everything. They just can't help themselves Goldfish care Goldfish have been known to jump out of their water. Avoid accidents by lowering the water table. The gap between the surface and the top should match the body length of your longest fish, and yet another reason to have a larger container for your goldfish. Most aquariums come equipped with lids, however, goldfish fare much better in open topped tanks with the water surface exposed to fresh air. If you feel more comfortable with a top consider a screen Goldfish keeping It's fun to play around in your tank or pond. It's hard to resist beautiful decorations, and sometimes we have a tendency to overdo it. Make certain that the decorations you place in your goldfish house are aquarium safe before adding. If quarters are tight make sure that the object is not taking up valuable space the goldfish need. Goldfish are easily injured on sharp objects, especially the fancy varieties. Some materials, such as plastic, metal, fresh concrete or wood will affect the water quality Type plants goldfish aquarium There's a variety of fake plants to choose from, although silk ones are safest. Plastic plants can injure delicate fish. Be prepared to replace plants regularly if you choose real vegetation. Goldfish enjoy nibbling on plants, and some fish are very aggressive with their nibbling. Make sure the plants you place in your aquarium are [...]

10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping

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Follow the 10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping  Buy the Book 10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping offers methods that are founded on many years of experience that have been proven with outstanding results. The theory is simple, by recreating their ancestor’s natural environment, the cold and fast moving rivers of China, our goldfish can and will thrive in an aquarium or pond. Centuries ago, and still today; the Chinese displayed their goldfish in glass bowls much to the delight of their guests, but the goldfish were quickly returned to their ponds after the party was over. This could very well have started the ‘goldfish in a bowl’ tradition, and with dire consequences Goldfish Keeping Even a pond isn’t the goldfish’s natural environment. When we place them in aquariums or small ponds we must go to great lengths to keep them healthy by making certain their water is rich in minerals and oxygen value Something all freshwater fish share is the need for healthy water. If you follow these golden rules, 10 steps goldfish Koi keeping, you will not only create the perfect ecosystem for your goldfish or Koi. They will live up to their full potential in growth and life expectancy. Study each and every critical step thoroughly and learn how to maintain your goldfish or Koi house. Learn everything you can, and your fish will flourish in the natural environment you create, bringing you, your family and friends lasting joy Goldfish Care It will take more than a quick read to understand fully the 10 Steps to goldfish and Koi keeping. Study each and every critical step thoroughly and learn how to maintain your set up. You should never have to perform a 100% water change; never have to disinfect your tank or equipment ever again. Mother Nature knows best 10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping You may want to start with the 10 EASY Steps Goldfish Keeping (short version) for the how to. When you're ready, or if you're a quick learner, the full version (see below) offers the how to's and the why for's Step 1 Goldfish Koi House Step 2 Nitrogen Cycle Explained Step 3 Gravel Vacuum substrate Step 4 Freshwater Source Step 5 Water Treatment Step 6 Oxygenating Water Step 7 Pond Pumps Step 8 Water Changes Step 9 Testing Water Parameters Step 10 Feeding Our Fish GLOSSARY of Fish Terms CONVERSIONS Goldfish Anatomy 10 Steps Goldfish Koi Keeping Items recommended 1.   Goldfish house 2.   Fresh water tub 3.   Substrate (natural pea gravel) 4.   Gravel vacuum (python) 5.   Water treatment 6.   Pond pump (sized for goldfish house) 7.   Parameter Test kit 8.   Thermometer If you're a kid or even a kid at heart, have fun coloring, reading stories and learning the Golden Goldfish Rules Be a Goldfish KID The Goldfish Kid Copyright 2007 Author: Brenda Rand

Oxygenating Water

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Oxygenating Water takes more than a bubble wand STEP 6 Buy the Book Oxygenating water will take much more than a bubble wand. By method of diffusion, moving water pulls oxygen from the air above its surface, oxygenating it, although, the water must be free. On the list of these items that take up space, keeping oxygen from entering is Co2; first and foremost. Carbon dioxide (along with other types of gases in trace amounts) are created from waste which goldfish produce in large quantities. Waste sits on the bottom, and this is where you'll find Co2 in abundance. This is why we see goldfish in slow moving water, swimming closer to the surface than the bottom. By nature, goldfish are bottom dwellers Goldfish and beneficial bacteria alike thrive in heavily oxygenated water, unlike bad bugs. They can't tolerate oxygen Running a close second are clouds; bad bacteria clouds (bacteria blooms) form when conditions are unhealthy, and then we have super saturated gases; created by the pressure in tap water. Last but not lease we have algae blooms; green water algae. These are the things that push oxygen out of water Goldfish care Green water algae is free floating, taking up valuable space in the water, however, you will not see this type of algae in water that is moving. Water action forces algae on to substrate, clearing the body of water. A bacteria bloom also takes up space in water, although it's most commonly seen in water that has little or no movement How to oxygenate water Aquariums are more at risk for decreased oxygen levels than ponds because the surface is small compared to the body of water, and often covered Oxygenating water is more complicated than adding an air pump, or bubblers as we like to call them. It is a myth that bubblers or bubble wands have the capability to oxygenate water. This piece of equipment releases air bubbles into the water that shoot to the surface and pop, releasing the oxygen back into the air. Imagine the surface of your tank as a wall; a bubble wand or even two is like knocking a small hole in the wall. The entire wall must come down in order for fish to breathe Carbonate mineral, or KH is vital to oxygenating water, as this mineral gives water the ability to support oxygen. Without it, life cannot exist. Every natural body of water that supports life has sufficient levels of carbonate mineral. The comfort zone is 70 to 120 ppm, but the higher side is preferred for goldfish in aquariums Exposing the surface to fresh air, healthy carbonate mineral levels, and moving water. Together, these three things oxygenate water Goldfish information Goldfish absorb oxygen from the water by taking it in through their mouths and pushing it out through their gills. During this process oxygen is absorbed from the water and into the bloodstream as it passes over the rake. This organ does the same job that our lungs do, only in a different [...]

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