Goldfish Curled Gills

//Goldfish Curled Gills

Goldfish Curled Gills

Goldfish curled gills may have natural deformity

Goldfish curled gills may have natural deformity, but more than likely has been poisoned by ammonia. High levels of ammonia burn fish, causing extreme discomfort. You may see their dorsal fins clamped tight to the body long after the ammonia has been converted or removed in an effort to reduce pain. Goldfish breathe by sucking water into their mouth, and pushing it out through their gills. Oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream during this process. When ammonia is present, the delicate rake is exposed to the toxin. In most cases the internal parts of the gill swell causing oxygen loss that can lead to death

Fish that recover from ammonia poisoning may have damaged gills. The gill may even become inverted, exposing the delicate tissue. Many of these fish will die due to poor water quality or because they’re consistently exposed to the toxin, the goldfish owner unaware of the nitrogen cycle. Goldfish that are lucky enough to live in healthy water may live long and healthy lives despite the fact

Deformed gills

Hatch-lings with these types of deformities are culled from the school by breeders, so it is unlikely you’ll find one at a pet shop. Culling deformed fish is a standard practice. Fish with abnormalities are not uncommon. Big breeders are known to heartlessly toss them into the garbage to die a slow and painful death. Common deformities are misshapen lips, gills and tail fins, abnormalities that do not keep a fish from experiencing a long life. Sellers want good looking specimen to display in their aquariums. Breeders believe culling these fish keeps the quality of their line pure

Goldfish curled gills

These breeders and sellers may be surprised to learn how many people are attracted to the animals that have abnormalities. Most of us feel endeared to these poor creatures that need tender love and care

Repair curled gills

Some experts recommend massage therapy for fish with curled gills, but not me. The internal parts of a gill are delicate and easily damaged. Massaging a curled gill may injure the rake, causing the fish to experience oxygen deprivation. If you have a fish with curled gills, that seems healthy despite the fact, leave well enough alone. The deformity may not be very attractive, but the fish doesn’t care how it looks. Make sure it lives in water rich in minerals and oxygen, and it may surprise you by living a long and happy life

The goldfish in the photo below was burned by ammonia, and the gills were damaged. Close to death, and in a weakened condition, the fish was injured by the filter. Thankfully, the fish made a full recovery, and although it looks strange with it’s curled gills and crooked body, it’s a happy fish now

curled gills

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