Treating goldfish Koi Tumor

//Treating goldfish Koi Tumor

Treating goldfish Koi Tumor

Treating goldfish Koi Tumor requires extreme therapy

Treating goldfish Koi Tumor requires extreme therapy in most cases. It may be difficult to tell what type of tumor you’re dealing with. A simple wart is firm to the touch and has a rough texture. They’re simple to eliminate with the Sea Salt and Garlic remedy. Tumors created from SSG are mushy and smooth to the touch, however, if the tumor your fish has is a little different, it may be an actual mass caused by abnormal cell production. These types of tumors may or may not be cancerous, and in most cases, we’ll never find out. There are few willing to invest in hundreds of dollars to find out, and possibly thousands to treat a cancerous tumor on a goldfish

Some of us may not be able to make a large investment, but we’ve got to do something, and that’s where natural remedies come in. There’s no chemical on a pet shop shelf that’s going to destroy the tumor and save your fish, but herbs that are proven to destroy abnormal cells may be its only chance

Tumors on goldfish and Koi

Customized remedy combination (dandy, garlic and aloe juice)

Before starting treatment, lower fish house water to 64f by chilling tank water in the fridge. This is going to reduce stress on the fish

After you’ve succeeded in lowering temps, proceed with the following

Scoop fish up in a one gallon container of tank water; pour in one ounce from 8 ounce remedy bottle slowly, mixing with your hand as you do so

The garlic will help to anesthetize the fish after five minutes or so, but if the fish is still too active to treat, chill the container wand fish in the fridge for 45 minute

Between the garlic and the cold water, this will help to reduce activity even more

Fill syringe with remedy; inject (as much as possible) in tumor during bath. If you feel the tip of the needle may have gone past the tumor and into the tissue beneath it, even better, as this is more than likely where the tumor started

Leave fish in bath and follow instructions below

Fill eye dropper with oral remedy. Lift the fish’s head above the surface, and it will gasp in a moment, giving you a chance to push the tip into its throat. Squeeze gently until the dropper is empty

Release the fish and the bath water back into main tank (that’s one ounce of treatment added to the main tank)

Allow tank water to warm to 72f

Remedy treats 80 gallons total (use one ounce of remedy per 10 gallons of fish house water)

Repeat entire process daily until remedy is gone

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