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Freshwater Source should contain important minerals

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Freshwater source should contain carbonate mineral, magnesium and calcium. Know your freshwater source, because it’s a matter of life and death. Tap water is recommended as a freshwater source for goldfish because it contains important minerals necessary to support good health. General hardness gives our fish good health and vigor. Carbonate mineral gives water the ability to support life. Combined, general hardness and carbonate hardness make up the value of total hardness

GH; general hardness is made up of two parts magnesium and one part calcium
KH is just that; carbonate hardness

Mineral amounts vary according to what region you live in

Every body of water has a pH value or potential of hydrogen. In simple terms, pH is a measurement of oxygen and carbonate minerals combined. To support life, water must have a pH reading between 6.0 to 9.0 ppm, however, the comfort zone for goldfish is 7.4 To 8.4 ppm. The higher side of the zone offers a healthier environment. Don’t settle for less

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pH is a combined reading of O2 and KH

Carbonate mineral (KH) alone is responsible for how alkaline or acidic water is. KH gives water the ability to hold on to the O2 molecule, although, it will take more than a healthy KH reading to oxygenate water. There are a multitude of reasons that keep water from supporting oxygen, and most of them have to do with clouds or gases. You’ll learn more about oxygenating water if you continue reading the 10 Steps

  • Bottled water goldfish aquarium

Distilled or R.O. (reverse osmosis) bottled water has no value, with little buffering capability. Goldfish keepers use R.O. water due to freshwater source containing bad bacteria or high levels of toxins. Bottled water that contains value may offer a better starting place for building value in water. This is where the term ‘mineral water’ comes in to play. Goldfish and humans alike share the need for minerals

Boost pH by performing frequent water changes

Tap water with low mineral value may be caused by a filtering system

Mother Nature is hard at work, whenever and wherever possible. If your tap water contains ammonia, nitrites or nitrates, consider collecting rain water as your freshwater

Humans and goldfish alike cannot tolerate nitrates at high levels. The preferred reading for both of us is 12.5 ppm; difficult to accomplish in a goldfish aquarium. The fact is, all animals can tolerate levels up to 20 to 40 ppm if not super sensitive

Use Oop Boost to increase magnesium, carbonate mineral and O2 value of water

Goldfish aquarium water

  • Cleaning agents in our tap water

Both agents destroy formation of unfriendly bacteria, however, they also destroys the friendly kind.  Eliminate cleaning agents from your freshwater source before adding to fish house

Freshwater source

Cities add chlorine and sometimes chloramines to our drinking water to keep it free of harmful bacteria

Most cities use only chlorine which can be eliminated naturally by using Oop Boost

Large cities often combine ammonia with chlorine (chloramines) giving it staying power

  • Test freshwater source

Metal pipes rust over the years, and copper or led corrodes. Both are harmful to goldfish. If you see rust stains around drains, it may be beneficial to use water treatment that eliminates it and other heavy metals such as copper or led. Request tests from a private laboratory if you’re unsure

If you wouldn’t drink it, your goldfish shouldn’t be swimming in it

freshwater source

Do not allow tap water to stand longer than 36 hours or bad bacteria will form

The Koi in the photo below was suffering from a floating issue, however, it died from oxygen deprivation. The fish keeper used an air pump to oxygenate the water; a job it wasn’t capable of. The water is filled with super saturated gases, adding insult to injury

Freshwater source

Learn more about supersaturated gases

freshwater source

 Step 5: Water Treatment

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

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