Goldfish Fins Pulled Tight

//Goldfish Fins Pulled Tight

Goldfish Fins Pulled Tight

Goldfish fins pulled tight to body and has white marks

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Goldfish fins pulled tight to body indicates extreme discomfort. Fins clamp for one or two reasons, KH or ammonia is present and in high amounts. Both have the potential of burning fish causing extreme discomfort

Goldfish clamped fins

Ammonia is created from waste, and deadly to our goldfish. Even though, ammonia is the food source for the beneficial bacteria that are responsible for performing the nitrogen cycle. Most new goldfish keepers do not understand the cycle, and fight it every step of the way by removing too much water, too much waste, and by feeding less

Use water treatment to convert ammonia. These treatments only change the toxin to a safe form, they do not eliminate it. You will still get a reading for ammonia when using water treatment

Goldfish fins down

Some goldfish keepers starve their fish to reduce the amount of waste being created, but this cruel and puts the fish at risk of starvation, without removing the risk of ammonia poisoning. Goldfish has clamped fins due to discomfort

Koi clamped fins

Test for ammonia, if present, perform this life saving water change

If not ammonia is present, test KH. If over 140 ppm, add small amounts of white vinegar to aquarium or pond by diluting in freshwater or tank water first. Just like ammonia, KH (carbonate mineral) can burn our fish in high amounts. Use caution. This parameter gives water the ability to support oxygen, and if levels drop below the low end of the comfort zone, the fish could be deprived of oxygen

Goldfish fins pulled tight

Goldfish fins pulled tight

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