Red veins goldfish tail fin

Red veins goldfish tail fin and red patches on body

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Red veins goldfish tail fin and or veining throughout the body indicate nitrite poisoning. If your tank or pond hasn’t completed the nitrogen cycle your fish may be at risk. Nitrites are the second toxin to form in the cycle with nitrates being the third and final. These two toxins are closely related. Both are produced by living organisms; unlike ammonia, created from waste

Goldfish broken blood vessels 

A lot of ‘new goldfish keepers’ and old alike do not understand or know about the nitrogen cycle. In some cases the fish are poisoned again and again; the goldfish keeper unaware. Learn everything you can about the nitrogen cycle. Where you find waste, you find ammonia. When this toxin forms and builds up in quantity good bacteria form to feed on it, converting it into nitrites, and then into nitrates; the end result of the cycle

Goldfish spasms

Other symptoms of nitrite poisoning are spitting food and exhibiting periodical spasms

Goldfish spitting food

Both nitrates and nitrites rob the blood of oxygen. Goldfish kept in healthy water may show fewer symptoms, than fish living in a unhealthy water. In some cases the toxin has already been converted; the symptoms slow to show

Fish that never fully recover from past poisoning may exhibit sudden symptoms long after the fact if oxygen levels drop

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Nitrogen cycle

Test for nitrite. If present, perform this life saving water change

Goldfish red veining in tail 

Goldfish and Koi that has suffered from nitrite poisoning benefit from a salt tonic

red veins goldfish tail fin
red veins goldfish tail fin

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Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy

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Red veins goldfish tail fin

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