Goldfish Eye Bleeding

Goldfish eye bleeding after pH crash

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Goldfish eye bleeding is a symptom of pH crash, when oxygen levels drop from water suddenly

There are many reasons for low oxygen levels in water, although, carbon dioxide is first on the list. Carbon dioxide or Co2 is a gas created from the waste our fish produce, and is eliminated from water by water movement. A quiet surface is much like a closed window. Agitated water pulls oxygen from the air above the surface as it releases Co2

Goldfish bulging eye

When oxygen levels drop, the blood pressure increases, causing the eyes to swell, pop and then bleed; not a pretty site. Some fish will be blind permanently and some will lose the eye altogether. That being said, goldfish fare quite well with only one eye, or even with the loss of both eyes. Just like dogs, goldfish have amazing noses for smelling. Blind Koi or goldfish can easily find food

Blind goldfish

We won’t see many blind goldfish in the wild, and that’s because natural bodies of water are healthy. Their broad surfaces are exposed to fresh air, making them heavily oxygenated

Goldfish pop eye

In order for water to be oxygenated, it must be moving with the right kind of action. The surface must be exposed to fresh moving air, but sadly, the new goldfish keeper comes home with a fish bowl or an enclosed aquarium; one no better than the other. Pop eye is all too common an injury due to improper housing and improper set ups

goldfish eye bleeding
Goldfish eye bleeding

Goldfish eye swollen

Perform 911 Water Change

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