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Gfe categories contain all of our site’s articles. Goldfish and Koi are often highlighted in the news. You might see a news article that claims the oldest living goldfish or abused goldfish. Write or create your own story as long as it pertains to goldfish or Koi. If you come across an article in the news, please share it with us by visiting gfe FORUM blog

If your fish is showing signs of distress or illness, diagnose symptoms and treat naturally. Our health care articles cover a wide range of ailments. Treatments start by improving water quality; our methods proven, tried and true

Goldfish Koi Health Issues

Valid information on goldfish and Koi is hard to find. Articles often contain information that is based on the care of the average freshwater fish. Goldfish and Koi are anything but average. They come from the rivers of China. Both grow throughout their entire lives, unlike other freshwater fish

Goldfish Koi Maintenance

Some of our members are expert goldfish and Koi keepers. Members that aren’t, soon will be. The expertise they’ve obtained is valuable to other members. We can learn from others mistakes. Goldfish and Koi both require heavily oxygenated water that is rich in mineral value

Goldfish Koi Chat

Tell us about your goldfish or things pertaining to goldfish to share and inform

The more you read, the more you learn

Diagnose symptoms and follow our instruction using our remedies. Method of care and treatment we recommend is based on building a healthy ecosystem. There’s more to goldfish and Koi keeping then excellent water. Parasites sometimes invade aquariums and ponds, however, they must be introduced into the environment. Bad bacteria is everywhere just waiting for a chance to get a foothold. Avoid the use of medications found at pet shops. Pet shop products are dangerous chemicals that will destroy bad bacteria and good bacteria alike. These same products are also responsible for pushing many a sick fish over the edge

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Our methods and treatments start by creating a healthy ecosystem. Healthy fish live in healthy water

Symptoms List

This valuable list will help you diagnose and treat sick fish

Learn everything you can about your goldfish and Koi. Prevention is the best medicine

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Care

Follow the 10 Steps and your fish will flourish in the environment you create for them

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