Goldfish symptoms Ailments

Goldfish Symptoms Ailments listed below

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Find the goldfish symptoms ailments that match your fish’s behavior and click on the link for more information on diagnosing and treating. Most goldfish keepers cannot determine the reason behind their fish’s symptoms, and most symptoms are easily diagnosed. Follow links found on symptom page to learn more about what causes the issue, and how to treat it

Goldfish symptoms

In most cases, ailments are caused by poor water conditions, or improper maintenance and feeding. It’s rare for goldfish to live long enough in captivity to experience issues caused by old age, however, female fish over eight years old may exhibit female issues. Very young fish are sometimes found to have abnormalities that present serious issues as the fish ages, however, most defects are found at an early age. These fish are normally culled from the school before the fish are sold

Goldfish bulging eye

Goldfish blowing bubbles

Goldfish bulging on side

Goldfish cannot swim

Goldfish swimming in circles

Goldfish bent 

Goldfish yawning

Goldfish cotton fungus

Goldfish turning black

Goldfish eye bleeding

Goldfish red veins tail fin

Goldfish fins pulled tight 

Goldfish bobbing

Dying goldfish

Goldfish bottom sitting

Swollen goldfish

Lumps on goldfish

Goldfish swollen gills

Goldfish raised scales

Goldfish has white specks on body

Goldfish has hole in the head

Goldfish torn fins

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