Goldfish hole head

Goldfish hole head that started as an abscess

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Goldfish hole head is a serious condition that often leads to death. The condition is caused by bad bacteria infection. In most cases, it’s a sign that the tank or pond water isn’t properly maintained; the water quality poor. The aquarium set ups sold at pet shops are designed for tropical freshwater fish, not goldfish. Aquariums are typically covered which cuts off oxygen from the water

Oxygenated water discourages bad bacteria from forming

Use Oop Boost to oxygenate water

Oxygen is the biggest defense from harmful bacteria. Bad bugs are always present, just waiting to get a foothold. Water rich in oxygen and minerals is healthy water. Healthy fish live in healthy water. Healthy water helps to build the immune system of the fish and the ecosystem

Magnesium and calcium make up the general hardness of water. These minerals give fish vitality and longevity

Hole Goldfish Head

Avoid or treat hole in the head syndrome. Do everything you can to improve the environment before starting treatment. Avoid using pet shop medications. Medications added to aquariums with poor water value is a bad combination. Do not place the fish in quarantine. This condition is not contagious. If one fish is sick, the others are soon to follow

Hole Koi head

Caught in the early stages, this condition can be cured with natural treatments

Treat fish with Sea salt and garlic remedy that haven’t been living in saline water. Use garlic remedy for fish recently salted. Be aggressive with the treatments. Make certain the water is rich in minerals and oxygen before starting treatments. If the fish in question is not eating, force feed to avoid sinking issues. Feed gel food with natural antibiotic Seaweed and Shrimp Gel Food

goldfish hole head
goldfish hole head
Goldfish abscesses

Learn about water value by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Care

Goldfish ulcers

Perform 911 water change

Read about bad bacteria and how to avoid


Oop Boost

Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy

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