Goldfish covered white specks

Goldfish covered white specks on body and tail fins

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Goldfish covered white specks are suffering from parasite infection; ich. You may see your fish darting and flashing around the water in a panic or rubbing against gravel and decorations to relieve the infernal itch. More serious infections can drive a fish to jump from its fish house, leaping to its death. If your goldfish covered white specks on body and or tail fin, treat the fish and its house with natural remedies

Parasites are introduced into an environment, unlike bad bacteria that form under the right conditions, but just as easily destroyed with natural remedies. Ich thrives living in unhealthy environments, preferring warm water low in oxygen. Goldfish prefer the opposite conditions; cool water rich in oxygen

White specks goldfish

The most common parasites are anchor worms, ich and flukes. Although ich is the least dangerous health wise, it causes the most distress. Ich looks much like a sprinkling of salt over the body in heavy cases, whereas flukes, looks like white blobs. Flukes are related to leeches. Anchor worms attach to the fish, it’s body waving freely in the water; hard to miss. Lice are tiny dark specks beneath the scales

Goldfish darting

Most fish infected with parasites are living in water that’s poor in value. All of these parasites are easy to discourage by improving water quality. They’re easy to eliminate by using natural remedies that improve the health of the fish and the water. Avoid using the harsh chemicals found at pet shops. These products destroy the natural environment, and all too often push the fish over the edge. If your fish are infected, so is the environment

Goldfish covered white specks
Goldfish covered white specks

Goldfish ich

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Goldfish flukes


Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy

Goldfish lice

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