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  • Swollen goldfish caused by organ failure

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Swollen goldfish caused by organ failure is common due to the overuse of salt and chemicals in the industry. Breeders use these products to reduce the risk of bad bacteria and parasite infection. Goldfish keepers use the same products for the same reasons. In most cases these products are not necessary at all. A healthy ecosystem depends on water that is rich in mineral value and heavily oxygenated

Goldfish turning yellow

A mistake many goldfish and Koi keepers make is using a constant saline solution in their water. Salt destroys bad bacteria and parasites, but both can and will build resistance. Although salt is magical, less is more. Use salt as a bath for emergencies, to increase slime coat, to destroy external parasites or improve gill function

Goldfish swollen

The water treatment we use can injure our fish’s organs. Made up of chemicals, water treatment is responsible for poisoning many a fish due to overuse. Some fish keepers don’t realize that water treatments only convert toxins, they do not remove them. Toxins are present, but in a different form, and they can be measured by testers

Goldfish keepers often race to the pet shop for medications when their fish get sick. Medicine found at the pet shop is made up of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals push sick fish over the edge. Poisoned fish need healthy water that is free of salt and chemicals, but rich in mineral value

Swollen goldfish

Kidney failure

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Author: Brenda Rand

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