Goldfish cotton fungus

Goldfish cotton fungus on mouth and body

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Goldfish cotton fungus comes in all colors and shapes depending on your freshwater source and the source of infection, but the most common fungus looks like cotton. Fungus forms rapidly in water that is low in mineral value and low in oxygen. Just like parasites, this organism prefers warm water, and has no preference to lightness or darkness. It’s all the same to fungus

White fuzz goldfish

Most goldfish keepers go rushing to the pet shop for medicine when they first see signs of fungus. These medications are actually dangerous chemicals that kill the fungus as well as beneficial bacteria. The aftermath is an environment that devoid of good or bad bacteria. Once the treatment is over, the good bugs are gone forever. The bad bugs come back twice fold, stronger than ever. Making matters worse, they quickly build a resistance to the treatment

Avoid the use of pet shop medications. Instead, opt for a natural remedy that improves the health of the ecosystem and the fish

If your goldfish has cotton like fungus, test tap water for bad bacteria if tank or pond water is rich in mineral value and heavily oxygenated with a KH level close to 120 ppm and pH value of 8. to 8.4 ppm

Goldfish covered white fuzz

Goldfish has cotton like fungus is suffering from poor water quality may have missing scales, deteriorating fins, and look unhealthy. This could be due to infection or water with a low general hardness. Goldfish need magnesium and calcium to experience good health and so does water. Do everything you can to create a natural and healthy environment for your goldfish or Koi

goldfish cotton fungus
White fuzz covering goldfish

Perform 911 water change

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