Goldfish Torn Fins

//Goldfish Torn Fins

Goldfish Torn Fins

Goldfish torn fins and missing scales

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Goldfish torn fins may be in water infected with bad bacteria and or in water low oxygen and low in general hardness. GH is made up of magnesium and calcium. These are minerals our goldfish and koi both need for good health, but bad bacteria can also eat away at the tissue

Goldfish shredded fins

Test GH for hardness levels. The comfort zone is 200 to 400 ppm. If the range in your tap water tests in the comfort zone, your tank or pond water may be low in oxygen. Most goldfish keepers know to test pH. A high pH reading doesn’t make for healthy water. KH (carbonate mineral) is often overlooked. Carbonate mineral is a part of pH with O2 making up the other part. KH gives water the strength to hold on to the oxygen molecule. Bad bugs love water that is quiet, because quiet water is low in oxygen. Learn how to test and create healthy pH levels by reading the 10 Steps

Rotting fins goldfish

Learn how to oxygenate water

Torn fins goldfish

You may notice another fish nipping at the goldfish has frayed fins. Some novice goldfish keepers believe the nipping in the cause of the damage, and separate the fish, but this is normal behavior. For some reason unknown, goldfish nibble around the infected area. Maybe they’re trying to help, or maybe they’re attracted to the rotting tissue

Goldfish missing scales

Like our hair and fingernails, fins and scales will grow back, but this takes time. In worst case scenarios the fish is left without a tail, but if the water quality is improved and treatment administered, the fish should make a strong come back. Goldfish with missing tails are able to swim, although it’s awkward. As long as the body hasn’t become infected, the situation is not a serious one. If left unattended, the bloodstream will become infected, and the fish will die

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